About Last Night: Who Can Stop The Rain?

About Last Night: Who Can Stop The Rain?

Michael H. takes a quick look at Warriors – Thunder game 7


Once again: The Golden State Warriors scored 25 points in the fourth quarter versus the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 7 last night; Steph Curry scored 18 of those points, including the last 11. His final statline: 13-24 from the field, 7-12 from three, 3-3 from the line, 8 assists, 36 points with a +18.

Featuring unlimited range:


Featuring the dunk I used to do in high school:


Featuring dribbling around and then murdering an already murdered corpse:



Folks were actually audacious enough to say the Warriors were dead after the Thunder went up 3-1; like we all forgot who we were talking about, who we were dealing with. Normal teams and normal players may have been all but defeated at 3-1 versus Westbrook and Durant. Risking stating the obvious, this team and Steph Curry are as far from normal as flying pigs. How could we question this other-universe talent? How could we say they didn’t deserve their 73 wins? How could we have been so stupid?


It was always going to end this way. The Thunder hit Steph and Co. hard, with everything they had. They had the Warriors on the ropes. It didn’t matter. It couldn’t have mattered less. This team was not going to go out like that after the season they had; not with the two best shooters in the league; not with the first unanimous MVP in league history; not with a player that can hit a shot at any given time from literally anywhere on the court. How silly we were to question the outcome of this series.


Pray for the Cavs.
Warriors in 6.


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