INSTANT REACTION: Game of Thrones S6 E6

INSTANT REACTION: Game of Thrones S6 E6


“Blood Of My Blood”
by Michael H
1 – Coldhands Comin’

Remember this guy? My prediction of Benjen Stark showing up to help Bran and Meera was spot on if I do say so myself (as if everyone didn’t predict it). Meera drags Bran as far as she can, but they were never going to get very far. While being dragged, Bran what appears to receive visions of just about all of Westerosi history. What particularly stood out were the glimpses of the Mad King (Dany’s dad) shouting “Burn them all!” a few times before we see Jamie hack the loon down. Bran is officially the Three-Eyed Raven 2.0, putting him right alongside Daenerys and Jon in the most-important-character rankings.

And but so, after a few zombie kills of the week and giving Bran a cup of what appeared to be straight rabbit blood to drink, Benjen reveals himself and explains how he became Coldhands (that’s his name in the books). The Children of the Forest counteracted a stab to the gut from an ice sword by inserting a shard of dragonglass straight into Benjen’s heart – that’s gotta sting a bit. But he’s (half)alive, and he let’s Bran know they are heading back to Castle Black, where Bran will have to face-off with the Night’s King and holy shit I cannot wait for that.

2 – Sam’s not so warm homecoming

Yo, Lord Randyll Tarly, you’s a dick. He’s like if all of your old relative’s worst facebook posts became a human. It really appeared like Tarly Manor was going to be the perfect place for Gilly and Sam Jr. to hang while Sam earned his Maester’s Chain. That is, until everyone sat down to dinner with Lord Prick. Gilly stood up for her man, detailing how Sam was not a coward and killed a goddamned White Walker thank you very much. Randyll ended up agreeing to Gilly and the baby staying, but he barred Sam from ever returning. Sam was all like “nah,” grabbed Gilly and baby, and tore out of there. But not before stopping to grab Heartsbane, the family Valyrian Sword (which can kill White Walkers if you forgot).

3 – On the wings of fire and destruction

Holy shit, Drogon got his weight up; he is fucking huge. Dany appears to have passed her dragon driving exam with flying colors (pun intended). Her pregame speech was so rousing that the water-phobic Dothraki didn’t bat any eyes when she called on them to sail across the salt sea. She is gathering quite an army for herself, and it will only get bigger as she will surely stop by Meereen and the other slave cities to clean house. My guess: The penultimate episode of this season will include battles at Riverrun and Winterfell; the end of episode 10 will show Daenerys sailing across the narrow sea, with Theon and Yara in tow.

(I’m really hoping for a How To Train Your Dragon type scene where Drogon has to try to get Rhaegal and Viserion to behave, resulting in much dragon-based hilarity.)

Quick Hits:

We return to King’s Landing, where some major shit is going down. The greatest incestous love story of all time continues to be rekindled. More importantly (unless you are really into romantic incest), The Tyrell forces, with assistance from Jamie, show up to stop Margaery’s walk of atonement. Just before we get to see some of the faith militant receive very deserving beatdowns, the High Sparrow brings out Tommen – who has been converted to the Sparrow’s side by Margaery. The Faith and the Crown have been united and Jamie is off the Kingsguard; sent to Riverrun to deal with rumblings of revolution.

Nasty-ass Walder Frey makes his return to the show: His doltish, homicidal lemmings have lost Riverrun to The Blackfish (we even hear a reference to the Brotherhood Without Banners causing trouble). Old Fart Frey then drags out Edmure Tully, Catelyn and Brynden’s brother, who is technically married to one of Frey’s daughters, with the intention of sending Edmure to retake Riverrun.

BREAKING NEWS: Arya didn’t get her ass whipped this week. She did, however, refuse to go through with her assigned assassination after having a friendly chat with her intended victim. The stupid Waif of course sees this and immediately tells Jaqen, who grants the Waif’s wish to kill Arya. We are left with a scene of Arya digging out Needle; hopefully the first place she sticks it is the Waif’s eye socket.

We covered a lot of ground, and received a lot of forward-moving info, in “Blood of My Blood,” but left out Jon, Sansa, and the rest of the current residents of Castle Black. I’m interested to see what kind of headway they have made with the Houses of the North; I’m even more interested in seeing Brienne and The Blackfish meet.

Until Sunday.


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