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We’re still sad – so we’re taking a moment of silence and giving a fitting a tribute for Hodor from our friend Michael H. Full preview next week and mid season bonus material to come this week.




Hodor Forever

Game of Thrones will most certainly not be the same without the exceedingly lovable and gentle giant. Hodor was the only purely “good” person on the show. He never wished anyone harm. He never caused anyone grief. He never put whatever agenda or motives he could have possibly had above the welfare of others. He simply helped. Hodor was the main mode of transportation for another character for crying out loud. Bran could not have survived, let alone get to where he needed to go, without his personal human Uber service.

When Game of Thrones is over, we will look back on the series with wonder at all the amazing scenes and emotions it portrayed. Wyllis-turned-Hodor will be seen as a seminal figure. Not for the foes he defeated, or how well he played the Game, but as a lighthouse-beacon of goodness. Hodor will forever stand out in this cast of characters for the stark contrast he provided to the deluge of nastiness and malevolence that flowed everywhere. Anytime any of us hear someone say “hold the door” IRL it will bring about feelings of heroic sacrifice, loyalty, and effervescent kindness.

Hodor was too full of heart – too full of the things that allow a peaceful and empathetic society to exist – to last forever in this evil and absurdist nightmare. We were able experience complete sorrow and regret when he died because he was the only character really worthy of being unharmed; the only one worthy of escaping death. Swift and exacting justice is what is deserved by most characters in this show. But not Hodor. He didn’t deserve to die, yet he chose to so that his friend might escape. Bran must earn this, at least to the extent that that is possible. Surely Hodor’s sacrifice will not be in vain.

Goodbye, Hodor. You will never be forgotten.




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