Frat bros invent Roomba Pong, and it’s DOPE

Frat bros invent Roomba Pong, and it’s DOPE


(can’t confirm if these Nantucket looking bros invented Roomba Pong but it’s the first time I’ve seen it… and that’s good enough for me)

To say I WANT to play this would be an absurd understatement. I NEED to play this.

I by no means am saying I’d be good but you can bet your ass I’d have a great time.

I won’t lie to you like every other beer pong player and say I’m the best, or I’m better when I’m drunk, or I used to be awesome… But I will say beer pong always brings a smile to my face.

Any version of the game is fun…Football, Corners, Rage Cage, Pyramid… all classics with their own unique joy-giving ways to get you drunk.

The only time you aren’t smiling at a beer pong table is at the end of the game when your partner doesn’t care anymore and you’ve been shooting air balls at one cup for half an hour and all you want to do is walk around the party and take shots in the kitchen.

Outside of that, Beer Pong is gravy and if you can think of a way to make it better…you’re a friend by me.

Roomba Pong is the second best variation of Beer Peer pong since Rope Swing Pong.


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