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Thief gets rammed with SUV and tackled by cop who jumps out of a helicopter

Thief gets rammed with SUV and tackled by cop who jumps out of a helicopter

As a formerly avid watcher of the hit TV Show Cops, I consider myself somewhat of a law enforcement expert. And from my research, I’ve deduced once you’re being tracked by the chopper…you’re fucked.

When the propellers go up… criminals go down.

But hey I’ll give credit where credit is due… this dude ate up a left hook from an SUV and kept moving.

Unfortunately no amount of fancy footwork was gunna get him away from the Heli-Cop with a head full of steam.

And just when you think this cop who jumped out of a fucking copter couldn’t get any more bad ass.. he squares up with the dude and gets ready to throw fisticuffs.

Red shirt just gives up when he realizes this cop was as the kids like to say “Not fucking around”

Shout out to the men and women of law enforcement.

Ryan Malone signs with new club Stuttgart Kickers

Ryan Malone signs with new club Stuttgart Kickers

Ryan Malone has officially put pen to paper, signing a new contract to play for German club Stuttgart Kickers.

Malone, former Springfield College and most recently FC Magdeburg (German 3. Liga) defender, is coming off a season which saw him score 2 goals and pick up 1 assist in professional debut. He started 3 games and made substitute appearances in 6 others, in route to becoming a fan favorite for FC Magdeburg. He will be transitioning to a central defensive midfield role for his new club.

His official fan page for the club, linked here, is a small look into the type of adulation “The American” has endured in his first year in Germany. There are youtube videos made of his highlights, which can be found at the end of this post, and in speaking with Malone you can feel the excitement and competitiveness that he has brought with him from Springfield College. He understands what it takes to be successful, and will surely give the maximum effort and dedication to his new club Stuttgart Kickers that he has had since his days as a Western Massachusetts club star.

Malone had this to say about his transfer:

“I’m super excited about the transfer to Stuttgarter Kickers. Right away I felt like it was going to be a good fit for me, so I’m excited for the new season to start, and to take one week at a time giving maximum focus.

Our goal this year just like anyone else’s, which is to earn the promotion to the upper league, so like I said maximum focus is important for us if we want to achieve this goal.

Of course I’d like to thank my agent Karl Herzog for helping for out with the signing and I can’t forget my fiancé Katy; I wouldn’t be able to do this without her support in wanting me to succeed at the highest level.

The new season begins next month, with Stuttgart Kickers looking to gain promotion back into the 3.Liga in Germany. They play their home games at the Irv Schmid Complex  Gazi-Stadion auf der Waldau, which can be seen here , and Malone is looking to make an instant impact for new coaches and fans in Stuttgart.

Malone played both soccer and volleyball at Springfield College, but is also the undisputed ping-pong, intramural basketball, and hallway soccer champion for his alma-mater. He played five seasons for Coach Steffen Siebert and the men’s soccer program, and was a major component for some of the best seasons in program history.

A man of family, a soon-to-be great husband for Katy, and an even better person, The Open Field wants to say congratulations to Ryan Malone on this next chapter of his life.

Best of luck with Stuttgart Kickers, Ryan.

Tony Hawk hits a 900… no big deal, he’s just 48 years old.

Tony Hawk hits a 900… no big deal, he’s just 48 years old.

How about that?!

Tony Hawk is forty fucking eight years old and can still bust out a 900.

Absolutely incredible. Granted he did smash his head into the half pipe about a half dozen times but hey what else are helmets for?

After the first time he scrambled his brains I started yelling at the computer “Tony stay down, don’t do it, you have nothing to prove”. But that’s not what living legend Tony Hawk does, that lanky mother fucker pulls himself up and eventually hits that 900 clean.

The first one he hit was 17 years ago… about 5 years before I attempted to skateboard and I can unproudly say at the tender age of 24, I still can’t do a god damn ollie…literally spent hours as a kid trying to nail the easiest move in all of skateboarding and never got it… so I quit… and bought Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for Playstation…  and became a legend.

The most shocking thing about this video, and possibly the most disappointing… Tony Hawk drives a mini cooper… wah wah wah…

But hey, when you’re hitting 900’s after almost half a century on Earth, drive whatever you please, no judgment.

You do you Tony, you do you.

Thanks for the memories… here’s to another 48 years of epicness.

Hey @nbacatwatch , hope you don’t follow baseball — Orioles Draft Pick hates cats

Hey @nbacatwatch , hope you don’t follow baseball — Orioles Draft Pick hates cats

In a shocking turn of events, I am now publicly addressing the twitter handle @NBACatwatch on my blog. This is madness. This is mayhem. This is how dynasties are build. ON THE PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN BLOGS AND CAT TWITTERS.

Apparently, Orioles first round pick Cody Sedlock wrote a book when he was 8 years old about how much he hates cats. Here is an excerpt:

Sun – The book was called “How Dogs are Better than Cats.” The reasoning was sound — dogs will save you from a fire, or alert you to burglars in your home. Cats will cower under a couch.

And in the dream weeks that followed this month’s Major League Baseball draft, the author’s proud father has shown it to a few close friends as he accepted their congratulations. He flipped to the “About the Author” page.

“Cody Sedlock was 8 years old,” it reads. “When he grows up, he is going to be a baseball player.”

Frankly, I am astounded at the level of underestimation going on in regards to a cats ability to save lives. First of all, who is the dumb owner who put the fire in the house? Who is too cheap to afford burglar alerts? Before we challenge these cats for their ineptitude, should we not first look at the owner who is putting these cats in danger? Cody? You there?

Also, side bar, when your kid gets drafted into the MLB, THIS is not the first thing I would show off to my closest colleagues. There are like, at least 15 other books he probably made that pertain more to baseball than this. How about a “How doubles are better than singles” book Cody?

Cody Sedlock, you are on the list now. @NBACatwatch, this is my call for a true alliance in this fight. If you want to start a fight against cats, and you are a professional athlete, someone needs to stand up for these fucking cats. That someone, is The Open Field. That someone, is @NBACatwatch

With the First Pick in the 2016 NHL Draft…

With the First Pick in the 2016 NHL Draft…

Well it happened again… much to my dismay I wasn’t taken with the first overall pick, or any pick for that matter. Even though all 30 teams decided to pass on the 24-year-old former club hockey player, I still had an incredible time at the Sports Management Worldwide NHL Draft Conference and the draft itself. During my time in Buffalo, I met some great people, learned a lot and made important connections for my professional development in sports.

Before I get to the details of my stay in Buffalo, I want to give advice to anyone planning on going there soon. I would not recommend making that drive alone. If it wasn’t for my two cans of Red Bull and some new episodes of KFC Radio and Pardon My Take, I probably would have dozed off from seeing the same scenery every mile after Syracuse.

Besides the drive out there, Thursday was an overall fun day at the draft conference. I kicked off my night at Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill for some dinner before the networking event there that night. Huge shoutout to the bartender Hillary for the incredible service and hospitality for someone not familiar with the area. My night at the event was entertaining as I quickly learned that everyone at the conference thinks they are the next big thing and I played middle man to a few debates.

Friday morning the real fun started. The first speakers were Brian and Patrick Burke, two of the most influential men in hockey. The father-son duo spoke their minds and got the audience laughing first thing in the morning. We also got an inside glimpse of how hectic the hockey industry can be as Brian Burke had to leave early as trade talks heated up just hours before the draft. This ended up being the Brian Elliot trade.

The rest of the day consisted of a variety of topics with different expert speakers. Of the remaining speakers, I got to speak separately with a few to get some more specific pointers and advice on succeding in the hockey industry. I would like to thank Trevor Whiffen, Roger Shannon and Rick Curran for their time at the conference and for some of the best advice I’ve received. Trevor is the Governor of the London Knights of the OHL who had seven players selected in the draft. Roger is the Director of Hockey Operations/Scouting for the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL. Rick is an NHL agent at the Orr Hockey Group who used to have an office in Boston due to their local ties with Bobby Orr, you might have heard of him. One thing that was said by a speaker was that they had never met a bad person working in hockey. This is definitely the case with these three guys who didn’t just brush off a 24-year-old kid who is determined to make it big.

Draft 2

Once all the speakers were done, the fun really started. As I started to walk from the Buffalo Convention Center to the First Niagara Center I met up with a few other conference participants. The five of us realized  it was too early to go inside the draft so we decide to head to 716 Sports Bar for some drinks. While inside the bar, where everyone was wearing jerseys, we started to get some looks from people deciding if we were prospects or not. We definitely stood out with our suits and with my clean-shaven face I could have passed for an 18-year-old prospect about to be drafted. Once we got settled we realized it wasn’t that crazy as the second overall pick, Patrick Laine, was in the same bar except in a private room.

Draft 3

After killing some time, we decided to head over a little early to the draft so we could see the Stanley Cup and then settle into our seats. While it wasn’t my first time seeing it, it is always special seeing the greatest trophy in sports. Eventually I got to sit down and enjoy the draft although that was short lived when the Bruins passed on a few of my favorite players that dropped to them.

My trip finally ended on Saturday when I caught the second round of the draft with a former colleague who was covering the draft for the team she works for now. After catching up and seeing a few more picks I made the trek back home with a lot of memories. Needless to say, there is a very good chance I will head to the NHL Draft next year after my experience at this conference.

R.I.P Pat Summit

R.I.P Pat Summit

I really don’t want to get sappy or make this a tribute blog/site in general, so I try to avoid these types of stories, but I hope everyone takes at least a second or two today to remember both Pat Summit and Buddy Ryan. Pat Summit was the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Tennessee, and Buddy Ryan was the defensive coordinator of the ’85 Chicago Bears and the father of Rex and Rob. Both influential coaching figures, and both will be remembered in their own ways.

Pat Summit coached the women’s team for 38 seasons, and amassed a career winning percentage of .841, accumulating 1,098 wins (greatest of all time). She reportedly turned down the men’s job on more than one occasion to help better the women’s game.

Oh, and in her 38 seasons she boasted a 100% graduation rate of players. 100% graduation rate.

She was incredible. Buddy Ryan was incredible. Just remember that today.


Old dude sunbathing on a sidewalk gets mowed down by driverless car in China

Old dude sunbathing on a sidewalk gets mowed down by driverless car in China

Asian drivers man… they’re so bad they don’t even need to be behind the wheel to cause an accident.

Dude’s just trying to catch a few rays on the sidewalk of a busy street… (nothing strange about that) when a driverless sedan mows him down.

You think the old dude who got hit was shocked? Imagine how the owner of the car felt. Comes out of the coffee shop whistling… goes to stick their key in the car door…. then BOOM… turns into Ashton Kutcher

Day went from carefree to holy crap I’m arrested for almost committing manslaughter. Quite a turn of events.

(Any bets on if it was a woman who forgot the E-brake?)