(VIDEO) Dude takes a hammer throw right to the dick

(VIDEO) Dude takes a hammer throw right to the dick

That looks like it hurt so bad it’s almost not even funny to laugh at… almost.

But then you realize holy crap that dude just took a 9 pound steel ball straight to the grapes… and life is good again.

And for any women reading this blog….don’t you dare tell me getting hit in the boobs is just as sore because that is a flat out lie. If a chick get’s hit in the boobs, they say “Ow” and hold them for 5 seconds. If a guy gets punched in the nuts… he’s on the floor for at least a good minute. And nooooo, it’s not because we’re pussies and can’t handle pain… it literally hurts that bad.

So to this dude who probably won’t be coaching a track and field event for the next week, I feel your pain bro, thoughts and prayers are with you my man.

But thanks for being in the right place at the wrong time.


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