Want to Write for The Open Field?

Want to Write for The Open Field?

Hey guys, Mikey here. To celebrate our 3rd month as a blog, which is already tripling the life expectancy of any blog that Jake writes for, I wanted to reach out and tell you a bit about being a contributor to this site.

Most people who read “sport and pop culture” blogs online know that the type of material and content you get on each site is unique to the site respectively. Here at The Open Field, it is kind of the opposite. We like to publish posts on a multitude of topics, ranging from Hockey to FUPA’s to Chance the Rapper. That’s kind of the point, really. We want to be the home to talented writers, who want a platform to share their work, regardless of what it is.

Whether you want a live portfolio for your work as you continue to freelance, or you have literally never posted anything online before, this opportunity is for you. As we hit the next phase of our site, it is important that we bring on people who want to really contribute and help make this thing grow. That means a few goofy posts here and there, maybe a long thoughtful article ever now and again, but general give-a-shit-ness is the most important piece of the equation.

If you want to be a part of a group of writers who contribute to the world of online media, who generate buzz and stories from creative and critical thinking, and who like to fuck around in group email threads… this is probably the spot. This week, I will be sharing the posts that I feel best represent some of our writers, as well as their individual bio’s, in hopes of showing people how you can manage full time work and posting some simple content throughout the day. If you really want to write, think about how many times you waste 10 minutes during the course of a day. You can turn those 10 minutes into a post. You can turn a post into something, with us.

So, as always, I will put my email up on the worldwide web so that people can reach out to me with any questions they may have. If you want to get involved, all you have to do is ask.

mikeyfowler18 (at) gmail dot com

or co-founder Jake’s email

jacobsnelson.11 (at) gmail dot com

Thanks to you all, The Open Field has grown larger than I could have expected since I asked Jake to write for us. Let’s keep it going.


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