Who Writes for The Open Field?? — Bob

Who Writes for The Open Field?? — Bob

(Editor’s Note — The guys here at The Open Field do a lot. They don’t always get a lot in return. Today I am going to publish some pieces from each guy and tell you a little about what makes them great. If you want to contribute, I wrote a quick thing today about how to get involved)

Bob has one post so far for the site. He writes for a living, and I certainly wouldn’t ask you to do the menial bullshit you do for work in your spare time so I understand. That doesn’t stop me from posting this, because it’s been too long since I saw my childhood friend. Tom, Bob, and myself once shared a very intimate night with a tuperware tray of bbq chips…. wait what?

Bob’s self-proclaimed bio —

Bob Durben appreciates a well-made risotto. He’s still trying to figure out what his end game is, but he thinks it may involve a Berenstein Bears porn reboot.

Since he has one post, I will link it here. Just know that although he is not contributing, he is quite the fucking dickhead in the group emails. Miss you Bob, talk soon.

Bob Breaks Down Valentine’s Day


Bob can be followed on Twitter @awkwardbob where he should be Twitter famous.


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