Who Writes for The Open Field?? — Dominic

Who Writes for The Open Field?? — Dominic

(Editor’s Note — The guys here at The Open Field do a lot. They don’t always get a lot in return. Today I am going to publish some pieces from each guy and tell you a little about what makes them great. If you want to contribute, I wrote a quick thing today about how to get involved)

Age: 23
Sex: M
Location: Fahkk you

I am excited to be a part of this. I’m not excited to google every other word Jake uses because I don’t know what the fuck he is saying half the time.

I sell custom clothing to Boston’s 1%.

Traveling changed my life.

I like girls.

That’s basically it.



That, above, is Dominic’s bio which he provided to me when we began this journey. He is one of the more unique stories we have here, in that he was not really excited at all to actually write anything. I basically forced him to. You see, I have admired Dominic since college, in that he had an amazing (I truly mean amazing) ability to control the moment. Every time I spoke with him, watched him in a class, or saw him interact with teammates, he was able to possess this ability to be completely present. He cares, a lot. Everything he is about stems from the idea that he gives a shit about the here and now.

So when he traveled Europe and saw the world for himself, alone, I knew I had to share the story. The first feature this site ever had, Dominic’s trip through Europe is below. Enjoy:

Pack a Bag and Grow




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