dear amy schumer

dear amy schumer

I would like to start this by thanking a dear friend of mine, Amy Schumer. We aren’t actually friends in the least it and the closest relation we have is being born on Long Island, but I still want to thank her. Her perfect balance of self-deprecation and modern feminism portrayed by her humor has left me with a girl crush of epic proportions.

Thank you, Amy, for your ability to go so far over the line but never losing the joke. Thank you, for giving men a peek into the daily struggles of women in a way that no other woman has done before. Comedy can be used to send a message that if in other forms, people would pay no attention. But through your satirical skits, you’ve accomplished to cross over into the dude brain and make them ask, “wait, do girls really do that?” That takes talent.

Now, this article may seem biased since I consider myself one of her top 10 fans, but my tears shed while watching her stand up at MSG do not blur my judgment. Isn’t it refreshing for someone to live without giving a single shit about what others think? Isn’t it refreshing to see a woman in the spotlight walk out of her NYC apartment and not be in full hair and makeup? I know there are more than just Amy, but sue me, she’s my focus.

Besides her ability to make you laugh while sparking contemplation into life’s moments, Amy’s ability to relate to the common folk is something to be commended. Amy represents a bigger picture, the few of the elite Hollywood crowd who choose to be themselves while being watched by the rest of the world. The ones who don’t forget that when it comes down to it, they are humans at the core. Humans who indulge in life’s vices and don’t apologize, no matter how many paparazzi capture the moment in time.

From my last article, you all know my personal allegiance to the Kardashians, so my love for Amy might seem a bit contradictory, but I separate my love between unattainable humans who are fun to look at and unattainable humans who I can relate to. Can I relate to Kylie Jenner, her 12 cars, her daily glam session and her perfect ass? No. Can I relate to Amy Schumer, her sweat pants, dirty humor and admittedly vanilla sex life? Yes.

When a celebrity offers something to dream of, its just as intoxifying as a celebrity who offers a bit of humility, relatedness. We live in a time so consumed by images, that seeing someone who doesn’t comply to the perfection of the photograph makes some uncomfortable while making some have a little bit of added faith. Does it mean I’m going to post a selfie of myself when I first wake up in the morning while spooning my dog? Probably not (you’re welcome) but it does offer a bit of solace in this crazy world. There are people who chose the life of fame, but haven’t lost their life of normalcy.



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