independent legends and the best song you’ll hear all month

independent legends and the best song you’ll hear all month

do i care that it’s the end of July and we’ve just gotten the song of the summer? nope.

we know Mac Miller – white Pittsburgh kid coming around with catchy rhymes for high schoolers at the right time for youtube juuuuuust before tumblr really got rolling – you for sure have a friend who had no business in a rap studio who…tried to go do stuff in a rap studio because of E-Z mac. Anyway – he came out with an album tail end of last summer after getting clean off coke and living somewhere in Cali at Rick Rubins’ house for a few months, GO:OD AM, and it’s….pretty good.

More important than this being a Mac Miller song – who appears to be following the en masse trend with hip hop right now by announcing another full length project with the debut of this single – is that Anderson fuckkkkking .paak is on this song. Anderson .paak is …. cold, man.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.09.36 PM

So ya .paak’s been around I guess but I’d never heard of him before TLOP but now I have and his last two albums venice and malibu are very dope and beautiful and he plays a lot of instruments and he’s kind of like a tan mac demarco who probably has sex more than twice a month and showers daily and pays his rent on time so yeah it’s good it’s great and the song with Mac Miller is called DANG ! and it came out today and it’s very beautiful and when the horns on the hook hit I feel like I’m lying on the beach with odd half eaten fruit sitting on my chest that’s so fresh none of it’s running off and getting all sticky and a very beautiful woman who’s only telling me things I want to hear is spoon feeding me a frozen mimosa and the sand is also the peeeerfect balance between hot and bland and someones playing a piano instrumental of all of the lights¬†somewhere that I can make out but can’t really see and I’m a little drunk but am¬†very much aware that there’s time to nap and shower (in a roomy but not spacious air conditioned room with a balcony and probably complementary chocolates and cool elephant towel things from the amicable room service people) at appropriate intervals before the dinner reservation.

So yeah that’s how I feel about this song and you can listen to it here and I hope you have a lovely evening.




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