oldie but goodie as the summer winds down

oldie but goodie as the summer winds down

I think I just got a contact high from watching this interview.

Holy shit, how much weed do you think Mason Ho smoked before sitting in front of the camera?

The most surprising thing about this whole conversation is Mason may not even be that high… this is just literally how surfers talk. They have there own language. A lot of my friends talk about waves likes it’s a different universe and I couldn’t tell whether it’s all the weed they smoked or the salt water their brain is swimming in but god damn every other surfer understands what they’re saying.

Here’s my interpretation of Mason’s ideal wave… He ends up fucking a girl that falls onto his board mid wave but only after he steps on her back as he waves to his boys back on the beach.

If I interpreted that right, then Mason and me may not be so different after all…that sounds like a pretty great time.

This interview of course brings back memories of “Smack the Lip, WAPEH ” Dude.

And of course that begs the question… Who’s stonier, Mason or the dude who got “So Pitted”?


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