Girl gave a hickey so savage it killed a kid in Mexico

Girl gave a hickey so savage it killed a kid in Mexico

INQUISITR — A 17-year-old teen (some media sites are reporting his age as 16) died last month from a stroke. According to a WKBW News report, the young man’s death is believed to have resulted from a moment of passion with his girlfriend. The “hickey death” or “passion mark” is still under investigation, but sources say it’s a rare cause of mortality.

Julio Macia Gonzalez is identified as the deceased victim. Before he fell ill, the teenager was enjoying dinner with his family when he suddenly began having convulsions. Earlier, he had been “hanging out with his girlfriend.”

Gonzalez’s parents phoned emergency operators about the incident. Upon arrival, paramedics tried lifesaving measures, but it was to late; the teen had passed and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Daily Mail reported that the teen’s cause of death was due to a stroke, brought on by the hickey given to him by the unidentified girl. Apparently, a blood clot formed in the teen’s neck as a result of his girlfriend giving him the hickey. It then traveled to his brain and resulted in a stroke.


If we want to look on the bright side… there’s definitely worse ways to go.

The dad of this boy has gotta be somewhat proud right? In the back of his mind he’s just thinking “my little guy’s such a stud”

And still looking at this with the glass half full we finally have a legitimate reason to tell people to not leave hickeys.

The go-to excuse is “I can’t have this at work, it’s unprofessional” and that rarely ever works considering the person is already half through leaving their love bite. And even though the excuse is 100% true if your significant other really wants to leave a hickey their gunna leave a hickey and mark their territory.

But now you can literally tell them you could die if you get your neck sucked. If they still want to give you one then you gotta cut ties, can’t be with someone who’s so horny they’re willing to get their fix at the risk of your life.

Kinda wish I could see the girl who has sucking skills so good they’re literally to die for. Gotta imagine she’s got lips like Kylie Jenner.




What’s the general population’s opinion on hickeys? I feel like people say they don’t like them, but that’s only because they leave you marked as someone else’s property.

If hickeys didn’t leave a mark I feel like more people would be down for a good old fashioned neck sucking.

Personally if we’re just going on feel, I love a good hickey.



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