watch the throne, five years later: top kanye collabs

watch the throne, five years later: top kanye collabs

This is the week of Monday, August 8th and the date marks the fifth birthday of Watch The Throne – a beautiful, pulsating, gilded, collaborative musical effort by Jay and Ye. This is an important – near perfectly produced and enunciated album – that’s a biased opinion but regardless this thing deserves a lot of attention so we’re hosting the first annual Watch The Throne week here at The Open Field in honor of as much. A feature a day, maybe more, and fun stuff in between. na na na. 


As you already know from reading the other posts this week, it is the five year anniversary of Watch the Throne. This album was one for the ages with two titans of the music industry coming together at a time where both were at the peaks of their careers. Two years prior to WTT, Jay Z had released his 9th consecutive album to reach #1 on the US charts in The Blueprint 3. A year later and one year before WTT, Kanye West released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which was also his fourth consecutive album to reach #1 on the charts and one that some people consider to be his best album.


This got me thinking, why hasn’t Kanye (my favorite artist by the way) collabed with anyone else since then? Of course last week after I have this idea, news broke that Kanye was going to collab with Drake. It makes sense that Drake would be the artist to collab with Kanye as Drake is involved with anything that is relevant at the time. Personally, Drake isn’t my first choice of artists that I would love a collab from so below is my top five that I want with Ye.


#5 – Taylor Swift

Before anyone jumps down my throat, hear me out. Obviously I do not think this will happen nor do I think it would be musically good. The reason I would love this collab is because I still think the whole situation with the video of Taylor Swift agreeing to Famous is a publicity stunt. Imagine all of Taylor Swift’s fans who were going after Kanye and Kim defending their idol only to have her go full villain and connect with Kanye to sell albums. This album would also sell like crazy between the Yeezus disciples and the TSwift diehards.


#4 – Future

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Future but since Watch the Throne was a collab of huge artists it’s hard to not include Future in this list. Future is one of the biggest names in music right now whether he is putting out his own albums or getting on other tracks.


#3 – Nelly

Yes, that Nelly. I know he hasn’t been to relevant in the music industry lately but he always stays in people’s minds. Whether it’s playing in a celebrity baseball or football game and crushing it or having a random verse every once in a while, Nelly never seems to go away. A couple weeks ago, Country Grammar became only the 8th Diamond Album in Hip-Hop history joining rappers like Eminem, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Outkast and MC Hammer. Pretty good company to be in with. Take Nelly’s smooth Midwest flow, put that over some Yeezy beats and you have an album with plenty of catchy hits that are sure to always be around. There isn’t a time when Ride Wit Me comes on and the listener doesn’t know the words.


#2 – Gucci Mane

Fresh out of prison, Gucci Mane released an album with Kanye on it and also hopped on a verse for Champions. Knowing that they started working together right away means Kanye knows that Gucci has much more to come after sitting in jail. That time lets a man think and I’m sure Gucci has many more verses up his sleeve. Out of my list, I feel like this one would be the most likely to happen as Kanye is always down to do something that gets publicity (prison release) and Gucci Mane probably wants to do something huge that people will remember.


#1 – Eminem

It’s almost impossible not to have Eminem on a rap list of any kind and this one is no different. Kanye has even said that Eminem is the greatest of all-time.  Em’s unique style paired up with Kanye is something I can only dream of. When Kanye is in the zone he is one of the best lyricists ever and if you doubt that listen to some of his freestyles, The College Dropout or even his verses in the Power Remix. Eminem is no different when in comes to lyrics so having nonstop verses of those two for an entire album would be bigger than Watch the Throne.

That’s it. My list of who I would love to see Kanye hop in the studio with for an entire album. I would love to hear some other thoughts from people about who is on their list.


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