Derek’s friday quotes : Real Quotes from Real people on a friday

Derek’s friday quotes : Real Quotes from Real people on a friday

Is it? Could it be? Why yes, it is! It’s Friday. Congratulations on making it through another week everyone. And as a reward here are some well deserved quotes.

(Names may or may not have been changed… isn’t it fun when you don’t know)


Quote: 1

“Angela said Garret sharted so they had to leave”



Well this one is pretty straight forward. I don’t think this one needs any explaining. Obviously Garret sharted and could no longer stay at whatever venue we were at. Angela was nice enough to let another friend know so that person could pass along the message to the rest of the group. Garret and Angela were never seen again. Ok that’s an exaggeration, they were seen again but just not that night. When you shart in a public place, you don’t return within 24 hours… good rule of thumb.


Quote 2:

“He sent me a poop emoticon and said Jah live”



Without getting into a very long back story for this one, I have a friend that went crazy…legitimately crazy. For the purpose of this blog we’ll call him Bruce…

Before me and another friend cut ties with Bruce we did try and get him some help and talk sense into him. One day my friend texted Bruce to try and set up a time to meet in person and find out what was going on. But Bruce was crazy at this point so unlike a rational person that would set a time and place to meet, Bruce responded by sending a poop emoji and saying “Jah Live”. I found this out when I asked my friend how the text conversation was going and he said… “He sent me a poop emoticon and said Jah live.”

On a side note, I believe the reason I found this quote so funny was because my friend said “emoticon” in an actual conversation. I mean seriously who does that?


Anywho… Have a great weekend. For those that are I’m sorry. But either way, I hope you’re next two days are free of sharts, but if they’re not make sure you tell your friends with plenty of poop emoticons.




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