gary johnson has done some drugs

gary johnson has done some drugs

So i blogged this earlier in the month when Johnson pretty embarrassingly didn’t know where the de-facto capital of Syria’s war mongered state was and everyone kind of flipped out (deservedly so) among the rest of the general noise of this election.

Here we are again last night with Chris Matthews who looks absurdly not bad for 70 years old just fucking peppering Johnson and Weld in this town hall scenario. Weld handles his shit fairly well – classic north-easterner while johnson looks like the high school junior who makes waaaaay stronger weed candy then they need to before school and have to answer something esoteric about T.S. Eliot at 9 am winds up getting sent to the nurse because they can’t talk and gets an A on the paper two weeks later.

Here’s the thing – johnson deserves to be fucking lambasted for these fuck ups (how do you not just say Obama?) ANYONE – I mean I guess a better move would’ve been to be like fuck all the other world leaders I don’t respect anyone considering the literal credo of the libertarian is to not care about anything outside the party. But c’mon – no merkel? trudeau? Janet Yellen probably would’ve been acceptable considering the fed is basically its own free state.

But here we are – par for the course, decidedly un-trumpian but no where near experienced enough to lie swiftly on national television and have hordes of people believe ya. He’s the weed candidate, after all – it only makes sense.







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