Long Island Chronicles : kris jenner, fendi antichrist

Long Island Chronicles : kris jenner, fendi antichrist

Kris Jenner – the antichrist wears fendi 

Well, with the recent ‘news’ (in quotations because of my very self-aware notion that this is not actual news and the world is suffering and I shouldn’t care about reality television stars blah blah blah) of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian ending their time together, I’ve been really thinking hard about the matriarch that started it all – kris Jenner. 

Now, as a self-proclaimed feminist, I should be praising her business savvy and success in a world where massive bank accounts and very young romantic partners are usually reserved for men, and usually I am her number one fan. The woman took her ginormous family and made each and every one of them a world famous individual. While her tactics may be questionable and her ruthless self-promotion may disgust some, one thing that can not be denied is her pure determination to take over the world.. one child at a time. 

One spawn of hers is rob kardashian, the lonely son of rob kardashinan senior and kris Jenner. His fame began like the rest of them, hanging on the coat tails of his elder sisters sex tape. A reality show and club appearances were the extent of the family’s resume at the time, but kris Jenner had bigger and better plans for her offspring. 

Her girls were all for it, milking the publicity cow for all that it is fucking worth. There was no appearance too cheesy to host nor a product too ridiculous to promote. There was no such thing as subtlety or privacy. But poor rob always seemed to be one notch behind the rest of them. Sure, he was involved, but his disconnect was always quite apparent. And finally, he exited all together a few years back, with the main conversation among his family in regards to him was his battle with depression and addiction. 

Kris Jenner is, yes, the boss of the empire and also one of the executive producers of keeping up the kardashians, but she’s also a mother. And this mother chose to exploit her only son’s mental and emotional struggles for viewers. Kris Jenner allowed camera crews to document her and her family’s efforts to better Rob. While I’m not positive of how much power she has, I assume that when put against Ryan seacrest, another executive producer of the show, kris has the upper hand (and not just because of seacrest’s height challenges). I highly doubt the e! Channel wouldn’t allow their largest money maker to have no freedom in what is or is not shown on a show who’s title includes her own family name. 

Fast forward a few years and Rob has finally found himself back on the news reel thanks to a lovely little lady named blac chyna. Chyna is a hip hop …something? Actually not totally positive what or who she did to her to where she is today, but apparently she was the reason for Robs reemergence into the public eye. She motivated him and it definitely wasn’t for fame and/or money *rolling eyes emoji*. well, things ended up about how any good, healthy relationship ends up.. with an engagement and pregnancy a few months in.  

Cue- REALITY SHOW. once again, kris Jenner sees an opportunity and beats the shit out of it. Rob and Chyna’s e! Channel show premiered a few weeks ago and in all honestly, even I, the reality television connoisseur, could not bear to watch more than five minutes. It was horribly painful and lacked even more depth than the kardashians. It focused on robs issues and his intense insecurities that stop him from leaving the house. 

Once again, kris Jenner profits from her sons misfortunes. She sits idly by in the editing room and choose which moment should be at the forefront of national television. She promotes her daughters as if they are the picture of perfection, always implying the significant others (men) in their lives are the ones at fault, meanwhile she is doing the same to her very own son. I guess I’ve never thought too far into it, but kris Jenner might be Satan dressed in really fucking expensive clothes. 


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