presidential candidate doesn’t know something (gasp) , is not a god damn robot

presidential candidate doesn’t know something (gasp) , is not a god damn robot

So this happened last night amid a couple town hall ish scenarios where trump and hillary continued to be peppered with shit and continued to do what they’ve done for 8 months now ie. lie and demonstrate zero understanding of how the internet works.

Gary Johnson was questioned about Aleppo, which is in Syria, where we’ve recently taken our 10,000th refugee from and has been royally fucked since the arab spring kicked off although if you asked trump they have no dictator and are making the entirety of the U.S. as safe as Mike Vick at a methamphetamine clinic for PETA acolytes.

I digress, it’s located near the turkish border, a hotbed of activity in the Syrian civil war that’s been home to myriad of rebel forces trying to take control from human jizz rag Assad. I’m not that versed on it but here’s a good description of everything from Vox.

The point is that we are 20 days from the election and you have assholes like Amy Schumer running around saying she’ll move to fucking Spain if Trump gets elected on the premise of his supporters being uninformed on Hillary for the sole fact that she lied about Benghazi emails, let us forget her prosecution of women who accused her own husband of rape all before, you know, lewinsky and the use of the term super predator to describe african americans in the 1990’s. I know I’m beating a dead horse with these but you have got to be fucking kidding me with the supporters of the major party candidates. Forget the fact that trump, last night, legitimately compared cyber terrorism to the psychology of CNN polls showing him ahead of Clinton in an attempt to describe “cyber” on its own as some kind of gradable sandwich or stock option.

So Johnson – because american media is fucking imbecilic – is taking loads of heat for the clip above when he should be getting covered and put onto the debate stage (he won’t) via some kind of reasonability among the rest of this shit. Obviously – when you’re presenting yourself as the sensible candidate coming from a very successful stint in New Mexico, not knowing on air what one of the biggest sources of the Syrian conflict, a large interest of current American national security – that’s kind of an issue. Something he should’ve known, no doubt about it. However – when trumpinator says that we need to “shut off the internet” to stop isis recruiting and hill dog’s foreign policy handmarks as SOC helped wrought Kerry’s pussy foot response to taking action against Assad’s war crimes (literally nuking his own people because rebel forces were spotted in the area) via Putin’s quest for living out cold war glory days – it’s kind of fucking bullshit.

Alas, trump has mobilized the toothless and bigoted while hillary continues to be too careless and prideful to step out of her own shortcomings. At least be happy that a third party is relevant enough for the first time to be on a major network, and that he appears to be some kind of an actual human being.


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