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ringer updates its site format on 1 yr anny of grantlands death

ringer updates its site format on 1 yr anny of grantlands death

note the sidebar next to brady’s average torso. less scrolling – minimal texts, hopeful buzzwords generating in clicks and the almighty pageview in moving down the row.



this is a contrast from the ringers set up to date which featured the standard medium format of descending articles which has felt very jumbled since the websites launch. also on the heels of a weird manifesto basically plugging like 83 different pieces from the ringer that no one would’ve known existed otherwise in an update newsletter from eic Sean Fennessey :



seriously man, hyperlink city – say something, this isn’t a 7th grade essay.

here’s the sitch – this is an awkward, transient time for media and how we ingest it. certainty lies in knowing what the landscape will look like 8 months from now just as much as i believe either major party candidate can convert a word doc to a pdf without the help of a child or grandchild.

anyway the point is that on the year anniversary of grantlands death this format change is a bit of normalcy ie. not carrying over the presumed self worth from a website now stunk with decay under the ground. i miss grantland but its death was inevitable and for as much as the ringer sucks they’ve also had some phenomenal bits. couple really, really talented writers over there. as simmons continues to turn from pig to hog and suck dick on the tv ratings (just bring on vince staples as a co-host, just fucking do it i know you want to) – the talent he reared will shape the site into…something.

it’ll never be grantland – and i’m pretty fucking happy about that, let us hope the void is filled by writing than ‘us’ – ing as time rolls onward.


Guy dresses up as Freddy Krueger and scares the bejesus out of a daycare

Guy dresses up as Freddy Krueger and scares the bejesus out of a daycare


I’m all for a good prank and scaring the hell out of kids but this is a bit far even for me.

The second half of them shit their pants, the dude should have taken the mask off (technically he shouldn’t have put the mask on in the first place). Obviously the guy dressed up can’t read social cues very well because from the get-go he would have realized “Oh I just traumatized about 20 kids, maybe I should pull the plug on this prank”

Not gunna be long before parents are suing this daycare because their kids can’t sleep for the next 3 years without waking up screaming.

Also as a side note on the choice of costume, maybe you don’t want to pick a movie character that’s back story is he was a pedophile at a daycare.

What did the teacher expect was gunna happen? Freddy jumps outs, gives these kids a heart attack, then he takes off the mask and all the kids come walking back calmly and sit back down for story time? Kids that young don’t understand real life and masks… now they just think their teacher sometime turns into a burn victim that terrorizes children.

If you want to scare kids 2 and 3 years old just stick to fake spiders and ghosts made out of bed sheets. It really doesn’t take that much. Save the whole burned child molester prank for teenagers.

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Sports Fans

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Sports Fans

Listen man, I get it. Halloween takes a certain level of preparedness and financial planning that you just can’t manage during this point of your life. You have student loan payments coming up in a week, the end of the month means rent payment, and you can’t spare that last twenty bucks on anything but booze if you want to have a good time.

BUT, you also don’t want to be that asshat who doesn’t dress up at all due to the fact some other random guy will figure out how to look funny without spending money and now you just look like you lack both money and creativity. Line up ladies.

Here’s where The Open Field comes in. Below is a list of some different, no cost, Halloween costume ideas for sports fans sure to impress the weird adults in your life. If nothing else, these are definitely original. Don’t be unoriginal in this life, mannnnn.


Russell Westbrook

This one is actually fairly simple. Got a girlfriend, sister, mom, or female friend? Ask them if you can walk into their closet, and WITHOUT LOOKING just blindly wrap your arms around a huge pile of clothes (like you are taking them out of the dryer) and put them on the ground. Now, find a way to put every piece of that clothing on at the same time somehow, and you are the 2016/17 NBA MVP for Halloween.


Charlie Whitehurst

This is an easy one especially if you already have a wig or long hair. Just have long hair, dress up in plain clothing, and tell people that you are everyone at the party’s backup option if they somehow get hurt in costume. If someone does get hurt (if alcohol is involved there is a 50% chance) you can politely ask them for their costume because it’s your time now.


Brett Favre

Every dude has a pair of jeans, a football lying around, and a logo-less green shirt. Wear the three together with a nice pair of beat-to-shit running sneakers and now you are Brett Favre. Best part of this costume is the fact you get to snap chicks a picture of your junk later and claim you were just trying to stay in character. Win-Win.


Derrick Rose

Just wear street clothes. Boom, roasted.


Peyton Manning

This is the exact look Manning sported in the newest DirecTV commercial where he’s on the phone with his brother Eli like a total idiot. You can just wear a bathrobe and slippers around, weirdly enough with a watch on, and tell people you are Peyton Manning retired for Halloween. Also, say everything in that stupid jingle and never explain yourself. Sing it with me now: You know that this one is good.

Alright that’s just a few. Tweet at me some other good ideas @mikeyfowler18 and I’ll share some of the best. Happy Halloween.


overhyped pacers

overhyped pacers

Some of the most overhyped things of 2016:

  1. The Life of Pablo
  2. Chick-fil-a moving up North
  3. Every Sandler movie on Netflix
  4. The new Iphone
  5. My writing ability


Also on this list: The Indiana Pacers

Let me be blunt and state that my fellow Open Field writers will not like this. I don’t expect them to. But hey, I can’t let me assessment of the Pacers fall to the wayside just because I am scared of pissing off a couple people. Without a further ado- I hate this Pacers team.


Reason 1: George Hill is a better fit than Jeff Teague


Teague is the better talent but, not by much. The Wake Forest product has more athleticism than Hill and is a better assist man. But, Hill had a slightly higher 3 point percentage and a significantly higher effective field goal percentage. In terms of shooting the ball, Hill is the better talent. Why is this important? Paul George is the focal point of the team. We know this due to his seriously high usage percentage (30%.) PG13 was allowed to thrive because he had the ball in his hands. What made the Pacers overachievers last year was the fact that Hill was able to play off the ball. He let Paul George create the offense by being a legit threat off the ball, contributing to this team’s spacing. Pairing Teague with Ellis is a disaster waiting to happen. Neither of them have had success playing off the ball; something essential for this team’s offensive flow and success. With Ellis, PG and Teague, the Pacers now have three players who need the ball in their hands to score. There are too many cooks in the kitchen.


Reason 2: Speaking of spacing…


Do you want to know why the Celtics did not advance past the first round of the playoffs last year? They could not make threes. Sure, they had wonderful floor spacing. But that was because the defense could sag off Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier. It was fake spacing, or defense-generated spacing. I expect the same to happen in Indiana. When Paul George drives and kicks, where doe the ball go? To Monta Ellis who shot 30% from 3 last year? To Thad Young who has never attempted for than 2 a game in his career? Or to an unproven 20 year old center?  Sure, Jeff Teague was a remarkable spot up shooter last year however, he only did so on 10% of his possessions. Hill did so on almost 20%. Teague will be asked to expand into a role I do not think he is ready for; one that Hill damn near perfected. The Pacers will be playing with pace but, the space part…I’m not so sure.


Reason 3: Speaking of pace…


What fueled the acquisition of Teague was a desire by Larry Bird for the team to play more quickly. He was tired of Frank Vogel and his defense-first agenda, hence the firing then hiring of Nate “Sarge” McMillan. This line up however, is not one perfectly made for sprinting up and down the floor. Thad Young is athletic yet, this will be his tenth NBA season. Draft experts legitimately questions Myles Turner’s ability to run up and down the floor because he looks like a dinosaur when doing so. Ellis is entering his 12th year and George is a year removed from his gruesome injury. Hey, at least the nimble Al Jefferson can come off the bench for some energy. This team wants to run. They simply aren’t made for it. Here’s a nugget for you to ponder: Jeff Teague is only two years younger than George Hill. They didn’t exactly trade for a spring chicken.


Reason 4: The competition got better


Cleveland did Cleveland things this offseason. Toronto did not add much but, Masai Ujiri is known for drafting players who develop quickly. Count on Norman Powell, Delon Wright and JV to make noticeable, impactful strides this year. Boston vaulted into number two seed talks. Detroit, Milwaukee and Charlotte all will progress naturally. Chicago hustled sideways, not backwards. Oh, and the Knicks could actually win 40 games. Do I think the Pacers will drop out of the playoff race? No. Do I trust Nate McMillan, a guy who has lost in the first round of the playoffs 4 of the 5 times he has made them, to navigate his way to 48 wins? No.


This team will lose more games than it win. On court chemistry is a real issue. What happens when Monta Ellis sees his usage percentage drop to a career low? How will Teague react to not having the ball in his hands? At what point does Thad Young say, “So, I’m on this team just to get rebounds, huh?” Simply put, there isn’t enough ball to go around. Unless, some players get injured, which they will. This faster system is designed to hurt aging players. Jefferson is good for missing at least 20 games. Myles Turner will be playing around 15 minutes more per game; expect him to suit up for less than 70. Ellis is due for wrist sprain. Ironically, I expect this team to perform best when some players are out. Regardless, the East is too good for this team to be anything more than a 6th seed. And, don’t be surprised if they are fighting for a playoff spot. This season’s underrated darlings are sure to underproduce.

where else can average dudes waste their time? : matt’s week 8 fantasy

where else can average dudes waste their time? : matt’s week 8 fantasy

I hate Fantasy. Last week, I dropped over 130 points in a ½ PPR league and I still lost. My opponent put up 150 and his team scored ten total TDs. Shoot me now, God. But, in the words of Lil Bow Wow: “I’m back at it like a crack addict out of rehab.” Here’s my line up for this week.


QB: Lucky Luck                                             Flex: Will Fuller House

RB: Best in the league (DJ)                             Flex: Michael Thomas

RB: Best on his tea (Gio)                                TE: The guy on the Texans with the long name

WR: Dez “Welcome Back” Bryant                  D: Titans

WR: D. Thomas


Some major changes. Dez is back and I am playing him. If Dak can make Cole Beasley a star…Will Fuller makes an appearance. I hate the Brock Lobster but, this game against Detroit should be a shootout. Michael Thomas is arguable the best receiver on his team. The Seahawks secondary has been awful lately and they are missing some pieces. I like Brees as home as well. I switched Zach Miller for anyone else because Miller takes on the Vikings. The Titans D was a steal for about 50 minutes.


Waive Wire Gems:


Need a player for upcoming bye weeks? I got them for you. Is your team set and you are looking for that one stash that will get you through the playoffs? I got you.


Chris Thompson:

Love CT as the season rolls on. Matt Jones is a fumble away from losing some serious touches. The Redskins will be an RRBC before the season is over. The one to own is Chris Thompson. He has an excellent YPC and is the pass catching back. Games against Dallas, Green Bay, Philly, Carolina and Arizona could all see a script in which Thompson has a lot of involvement. Expect both his carries and targets to go up.


Thomas Rawls:

Forgot about him? Most of us did. Do yourself a favor and look at his numbers last year. When healthy, this guy was a major talent. He will split carries with Christine Michael, sure. But, Rawls has a track record of success. Stash him on your bench. There is a scenario in which Pete Carroll returns to Rawls towards the season’s end.


Kennith Dixon:

This draft and stash candidate has been a bust so far. Fortunately, it has been reported that the Ravens want him to get more involved. West has been dominant so far however, this will be the most work he has ever seen in a season. We saw Mark Ingram get injured last year because he faced an unprecedented workload. Dixon is a great handcuff. Also along the lines of handcuffs: Robert Kelly, Kapri Bibbs and Tim Hightower.


Mohamed Sanu:

After the week one explosion, Sanu has come back down to Earth. He is not owned in over 50% of leagues. Julio Jones is perpetually questionable and could miss a game later on in the season as the Falcons look towards the playoffs. Sanu will be a guy who wins you a game and could push you into your own Fantasy playoffs.