5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Sports Fans

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Sports Fans

Listen man, I get it. Halloween takes a certain level of preparedness and financial planning that you just can’t manage during this point of your life. You have student loan payments coming up in a week, the end of the month means rent payment, and you can’t spare that last twenty bucks on anything but booze if you want to have a good time.

BUT, you also don’t want to be that asshat who doesn’t dress up at all due to the fact some other random guy will figure out how to look funny without spending money and now you just look like you lack both money and creativity. Line up ladies.

Here’s where The Open Field comes in. Below is a list of some different, no cost, Halloween costume ideas for sports fans sure to impress the weird adults in your life. If nothing else, these are definitely original. Don’t be unoriginal in this life, mannnnn.


Russell Westbrook

This one is actually fairly simple. Got a girlfriend, sister, mom, or female friend? Ask them if you can walk into their closet, and WITHOUT LOOKING just blindly wrap your arms around a huge pile of clothes (like you are taking them out of the dryer) and put them on the ground. Now, find a way to put every piece of that clothing on at the same time somehow, and you are the 2016/17 NBA MVP for Halloween.


Charlie Whitehurst

This is an easy one especially if you already have a wig or long hair. Just have long hair, dress up in plain clothing, and tell people that you are everyone at the party’s backup option if they somehow get hurt in costume. If someone does get hurt (if alcohol is involved there is a 50% chance) you can politely ask them for their costume because it’s your time now.


Brett Favre

Every dude has a pair of jeans, a football lying around, and a logo-less green shirt. Wear the three together with a nice pair of beat-to-shit running sneakers and now you are Brett Favre. Best part of this costume is the fact you get to snap chicks a picture of your junk later and claim you were just trying to stay in character. Win-Win.


Derrick Rose

Just wear street clothes. Boom, roasted.


Peyton Manning

This is the exact look Manning sported in the newest DirecTV commercial where he’s on the phone with his brother Eli like a total idiot. You can just wear a bathrobe and slippers around, weirdly enough with a watch on, and tell people you are Peyton Manning retired for Halloween. Also, say everything in that stupid jingle and never explain yourself. Sing it with me now: You know that this one is good.

Alright that’s just a few. Tweet at me some other good ideas @mikeyfowler18 and I’ll share some of the best. Happy Halloween.


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