Guy dresses up as Freddy Krueger and scares the bejesus out of a daycare

Guy dresses up as Freddy Krueger and scares the bejesus out of a daycare


I’m all for a good prank and scaring the hell out of kids but this is a bit far even for me.

The second half of them shit their pants, the dude should have taken the mask off (technically he shouldn’t have put the mask on in the first place). Obviously the guy dressed up can’t read social cues very well because from the get-go he would have realized “Oh I just traumatized about 20 kids, maybe I should pull the plug on this prank”

Not gunna be long before parents are suing this daycare because their kids can’t sleep for the next 3 years without waking up screaming.

Also as a side note on the choice of costume, maybe you don’t want to pick a movie character that’s back story is he was a pedophile at a daycare.

What did the teacher expect was gunna happen? Freddy jumps outs, gives these kids a heart attack, then he takes off the mask and all the kids come walking back calmly and sit back down for story time? Kids that young don’t understand real life and masks… now they just think their teacher sometime turns into a burn victim that terrorizes children.

If you want to scare kids 2 and 3 years old just stick to fake spiders and ghosts made out of bed sheets. It really doesn’t take that much. Save the whole burned child molester prank for teenagers.


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