Long Island Chronicles: E! killed the music festival

Long Island Chronicles: E! killed the music festival

In all honesty, I tried to find a subject that wasn’t the kimmy k robbery to write about this week. I tried very hard to find any other insignificant pop culture moment in time that held my attention but, alas, I failed.

A few reasons why I MUST write about this – my aforementioned shameless love for the kardashian/west clan, my innate obsession with trying to prove things wrong, my subsequent ability to accept when I’m wrong and my presence at the concert in which Ye ran off the stage after the robbery occurred. Which also happens to be a great place to start.

So, the meadows festival in queens, NY this past weekend was all in all, a dud. The $270 price tag was steep for what it ended up being. Besides seeing the almighty chance the rapper, who I would have paid twice the amount of a ticket to this stupid festival to see play three songs, the rest was quite underwhelming. So, the prospect of Kanye closing the weekend was a saving grace, something to look forward to.

In true yeezy fashion, Kanye was 40 minutes late for his hour and a half set. When he finally did come on, he stayed true to his Pablo tour (minus floating stage) and sang on a dark stage while projecting a skewed image on the big screen. I have a tendency to think performers aren’t really there when I’m under the influence, as if that wouldn’t cause major contractual issues and surely the front row would notice. So after I was done telling everyone Ye wasn’t really there, I decided to forget about it and just listen to the music.

In what seemed like a track and a half, he was gone again. Claiming “family emergency”, he swiftly ran off the stage and left us all fucking hanging. My investigator side immediately came out and I began refreshing twitter nonstop. Of course I didn’t believe him! I didn’t even really think it was Kanye up there! (Yes, my friends hate me.)

Then, the reports slowly started rolling in and all of a sudden shit got real. Kim was held up in her gazilliion dollar apartment in the city of love, stripped of $10 million worth of jewels. After finally getting over my skepticism, I naturally became obsessed with the story, which in itself isn’t too complex. But what really caught my attention was the public’s reaction to the situation and the true divide between the famous and the not.

There was no sympathy. There was victim blaming out the Ass. While I, once again, may be biased because of my stance on Kim, I also think that most humans were really fucking horrible.

Yes, she’s a multimillionaire, untouchable woman with an idealized life that 99.9% of us will literally never even come close to. Yes, she uses social media to constantly document her life, her surroundings and her wealth. But we live in a society that glorifies cash money over anything else. The “American dream” itself surrounds the notion of wealth. We literally have a billionaire with zero political experience one foot in the White House.

While subtly and humbleness may be two things Kim can practice a bit more, she is certainly not singular in her obsession of wealth. If ya got it, flaunt it, am I right?

The wife and mother of 2 was bound, gagged, locked in a bathroom and robbed at gunpoint. She was violated and attacked in a place she felt was safe. But because of her reputation and status, she was disregarded as human being and shown as only a meme. The traumatizing event she went through was minimized and beaten to a pulp. A rich person is still a person. A social media phenom is still a person. And yes, even Kim Kardashian West is still, a person.

And let’s just say, I can’t wait for Yeezy (to hire someone) to go all Liam neeson on their asses.


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