Long Island Chronicles : FDT

Long Island Chronicles : FDT


As an avid tweeter and sometimes writer, I could have written about the 2016 election season many a time. Each time would have centered around certain things, I’m sure, but I’m also sure that there would be a reoccurring theme and that would be Donald trump hate. Although I’m one of the pettiest people I know – I’ve also had my weak moments…I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to write over and over again how fucking horrible this ‘human being’ is. I didn’t want to write about how I have literal nightmares of an America that allowed a man like Donald trump to become president. I was subconsciously avoiding becoming one in the million of humans who have projected their strong feelings about Trump onto their social media followings.


There is no further reason to avoid the inevitable. I’ve been able to calm myself for the past year during every shitty Trump moment in time, until now. Until I realized that a percentage of people in this country wanted to nominate a disrespectful, dangerous, scathing individual to the oval office. Until we were all exposed to those tapes heard around the world.


So, I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate what I’m sure Trump has heard plenty in the last few days. He is a disservice to not only women everywhere, but human kind in its entirety. He is the personification of what it means to be weak. The only reason he was able to grow to any sort of notoriety in this political race is because of the current state of the world, specifically America. My disappointment in America is so deep right now – like that time my mom noticed I stopped wearing my purity ring. Violence, sexism, inequality and racism are running rampant in this country and the people fueling that fire desperately need someone who makes them feel like its ok.


The bigots need a leader – and Donald Trump is it.


He’s been exposed as something more than just an arrogant, bitter old man – not that it wasn’t expected, nor was the subject totally untouched in relation to him. Now, we have all heard a tape of his own voice speaking vulgar, aggressive language toward women whom he considered to be less than himself. But, even with these revelations there are still American citizens will to cast a vote for him on November 8th.


Donald Trump is a powerful, rich man who has infiltrated the political system of America. We have dedicated hours upon hours to watching, listening and thinking about his gross antics. I like to think that if the USA wasn’t in a state of total unrest, we would have nixed this man a while ago. But with the emergence of multiple social revolutions coming to a boil all at once, many people can’t handle it. And to their benefit, someone who shared their extremist, white privilege found their way onto the ballot. Donald Trump gave these people a platform to stand on, he brought them to a new light through his hateful speech.

Donald Trump represents every man who’s ever touched a woman without asking, every citizen who’s ever felt America needed to be ‘great’ (read: white) again, and every narrow minded individual who thinks aggression = passion.


While I may have thought things were getting better, the fact that this man was voted for by such a large amount of people living on this land to be a nominee for president is terrifying and discouraging. Yes, I am aware that he will not win the race and he will soon be shunned back to reality TV land after this election finally comes to a close. But my awareness of the ultimate demise of Donald Trump does not undermine the damage that’s already been done. He has opened up the gates of shittiness in America and pitted us against the world.


America, I truly hope this is the worst its going to get. We deserve more as a people, as a country and as a superpower on planet Earth. While this election is a nightmare to say the least, let’s hope it taught us something about what and how we want to be as a country. And, most importantly, taught us that we never want to have to deal with the shit hole that is social media during a time like this EVER AGAIN.



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