long island chronicles : ken bone eulogy

long island chronicles : ken bone eulogy

There are many words that can be used to describe the 2016 presidential election in America – disappointing, jarring, terrifying, absurd. It’s brought out the worst in the two major political parties and has pitted the American people against one another. While the list of negatives highly outweighs the positives, there is one thing (if not the only thing) that sits proudly atop the list of amazing things to come from this election season – Ken Bone.

On October 9th, 2016, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddaz moderated a voter concentrated debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Cliton. The focus was the concerns of true American people, some of whom sent questions in, others were chosen to sit on stage among the nominees and stood up to ask their questions.

The debate was a doozy, to say the least. Shots fired back and forth between Trump and Clinton were becoming quite mundane, and the viewers at home were growing restless. In what seemed to be a gift from the universe, Mr. Ken Bone was called upon to ask his question to the nominees. His environmentally focused question was a good one, but it was the last thing any of us paid attention to.

That red sweater and strikingly perfect name is what caught all of our eyes. Ken Bone was a reprieve from the political shittiniess that was playing on the world’s television, a man who can bring bipartisan parties together and relish in the goodness of the Internet.

The video of him walking around the stage after the debate was over snapping pics on his disposable camera was truly the icing on the cake.

Ken Bone was quickly a World Wide Web sensation, gracing memes and gifs across all platforms. If you google Ken Bone, it will yield millions of results. His twitter following is in the hundreds of thousands, and he was invited onto multiple national television outlets to just …. be Ken Bone. The maker of his famous red sweater IZOD clearly have an amazing PR Team and even had him star in their latest commercial.

Naturally, the people of the world wanted to hear more from the man, so he indulged us all with a Reddit AMA. And since no one can let a good thing stay good, an internet deep diver decided to look back on Bone’s Reddit comment history – a place where things could get very dark. Some things were discovered, but nothing that tears down the meme that is Ken Bone.

The man will live on in Internet fame as the comedic relief this political season needed. Ken Bone brought the population together in ways that the nominees could never hope to do and reminded us all that countries that meme together stay together.


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