Long Island Chronicles : Schumer Lemonade

Long Island Chronicles : Schumer Lemonade

I was thinking about what to write the night before I was supposed to write it and I was leaning towards chatting about the Amy Schumer formation parody video. Naturally, after all of it went down I scoured the depths of the World Wide Web and soaked up every comment I could feast my eyes on.

So –  I was sitting on my subject matter for a while when I turned on my forever inspiration Andy Cohen. The man can get drunk at work and rules a reality television empire. Helllllllo – he’s my idol. His guests were Michael Bublé – who I will always picture as a 60-year-old Christmas music singer – and Abbi Jacobson, yassss queen. Andy was taking calls from fans (note: I’ve never called Andy because I think if he ever answered I would hang up on him) when one asked Abbi how she felt about the recent flack Schumer has been receiving for her Formation parody video.


My little ears lit up, because I fully believe in signs when it comes to writing about something. It’s like the universe is telling me, “yes Olivia, write about this, it really matters.” Abbi, a friend of Amy, responded with an insightful answer about social media exposure leading to torture by the public. Bublé stepped in and commented on how comedians shouldn’t have to be ‘politically correct, they’re supposed to cross the lines.’ Yes.



I hate the term politically correct, mostly because of how it saturates the media to death. It’s usually used in the context of an ignorant person saying something insensitive and labeling their naysayers “PC”. It’s turned into a really easy excuse for some people to say whatever they’d like without any consequences, claiming the people who take offense are just too politically correct. i think we should all be conscious of what we’re saying and how it can affect others negatively.


But, if there is one group of people who I feel do not need to be held to the standard of society, its comedians. While we can all be aware of what Beyoncé’s song formation is about and how important it is that the feelings of a huge population in America are heard, comedians can be aware of this while simultaneously using the material to do their job – make people laugh.


Amy Schumer is obvvvviously going to do a parody of the most talked about music video of all time, because Beyoncé is all mighty and we all aspire to be her. Alas, the public got their panties in a bunch and attacked Schumer for using the black community’s struggles as a cheap joke. Never mind the fact that the parody video was a Tidal exclusive, Tidal is run by Jay-Z, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are married with child.. Beyoncé knew about the video and didn’t have qualms about it, because you know if she did it wouldn’t have happened.


Amy Schumer is a comedian by trade, and she makes her dollars by making people laugh. Adults, to be precise. I don’t wanna live in a time when comedians aren’t allowed to commedicate *made up word* due to an oversensitive population.



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