look what happens when you walk into offices unannounced

look what happens when you walk into offices unannounced



that’s a guy in a suit. see the guy in a suit? his names mickey and i literally know nothing about him save that he became our giants blogger about a month ago and he’s from long island. i can only assume he’s a douche, which is fine, i love long island.

point is – he’s a pretty fuckin good writer and he reached out to me through an ad seen by a friends girlfriend who’s also a friend and when i asked said friend about the dude all he would tell me is : “yeah, good guy. knows his shit”

when pressing on said “shit knowing” all i could get back was a “yeah, he’s smart, knows his shit”

yes – assholes for friends.

so i guess i figured “knows his shit” wouldn’t entail one leaving his day job (i have no idea what mickey does but it looks about as soul sucking as bernie sanders spam folder) to walk into a live streamed blog giant thing to apply for a gig when a few months back this exact thing happened and all of said barstool bloggers were like yo fuck you then put the video online.

point probably proved by me asking mickey how it went and him responding with :


then again that actually sounds like the perfect way to get hired for a company that’s actually able to pay you to write for them so as i’m choking through this IPA and trying to ignore osweiler shitting all over over my tv i’m trying to decide if i brought on the worlds smartest idiot or something in between.



just noticed the hem height – irrational confidence or convinced it’s 1973. either way I love it.


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