ringer updates its site format on 1 yr anny of grantlands death

ringer updates its site format on 1 yr anny of grantlands death

note the sidebar next to brady’s average torso. less scrolling – minimal texts, hopeful buzzwords generating in clicks and the almighty pageview in moving down the row.



this is a contrast from the ringers set up to date which featured the standard medium format of descending articles which has felt very jumbled since the websites launch. also on the heels of a weird manifesto basically plugging like 83 different pieces from the ringer that no one would’ve known existed otherwise in an update newsletter from eic Sean Fennessey :



seriously man, hyperlink city – say something, this isn’t a 7th grade essay.

here’s the sitch – this is an awkward, transient time for media and how we ingest it. certainty lies in knowing what the landscape will look like 8 months from now just as much as i believe either major party candidate can convert a word doc to a pdf without the help of a child or grandchild.

anyway the point is that on the year anniversary of grantlands death this format change is a bit of normalcy ie. not carrying over the presumed self worth from a website now stunk with decay under the ground. i miss grantland but its death was inevitable and for as much as the ringer sucks they’ve also had some phenomenal bits. couple really, really talented writers over there. as simmons continues to turn from pig to hog and suck dick on the tv ratings (just bring on vince staples as a co-host, just fucking do it i know you want to) – the talent he reared will shape the site into…something.

it’ll never be grantland –¬†and i’m pretty fucking happy about that, let us hope the void is filled by writing than ‘us’ – ing as time rolls onward.



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