2016 i hate the eagles hate blog pt.1

2016 i hate the eagles hate blog pt.1


It’s that time of the year again.  I’m not talking about the 31st of October, when fictional ghouls and hideous characters come out to haunt your dreams.  I’m referring to Philly week, the week where evil manifests itself in the Giants opposition.  My hatred for the Eagles is up bottled up until this week rolls around, when a tap is inserted into my soul and the stream of angst flows freely.  I hate the Eagles.  HATE.  I am using hate to refer to a team of grown ass men who not only have no impact on my well-being, but also could have me sucking meals through a tube if they so pleased.  The Giants haven’t beaten the Eagles in like three seasons.  The song and dance were identical each of the last two seasons, and I’m tired of drinking that Koolaide.

The Giants entered their bye week at 4-3, a miraculous feat when you consider how underachieving the predicted strength of their team has been.  What’s been plaguing the Giants has little chance to be remedied against the Eagles.  The Giants need to get their pass attack going, and quick too.  In three of their four wins, the Giants defense has been on the field during the final drive immediately following a blown chance by the offense to put the game away with a 3rd down conversion.

If you have been a conscious individual the last four seasons, you won’t be shocked to hear how the Giants are yet against the worst rushing attack in football.

Philadelphia is more middle of the pack when it comes to rush defense rankings, but what has made Philadelphia so good on defense this season is their relentless pass rush.  By bringing in Jim Schwartz and his scheme, the Eagles have maximized the talent of their defensive front.  They rank 2nd so far in sack percentage after ranking 22nd this time last season.  Considering the names on the Philadelphia front, it felt like the only thing missing from the Eagles defense was the right mind to guide it.  I’m sure Jim Schwartz was salivating at the thought of coaching #91.




Weston Richburg is going have his hands full with Fletcher Cox and the rest of the Eagles front.  The Giants are going to have their hands full period.  Last two times they have played the Eagles while being a game above .500, they had their shit totally pushed in.

It’s probably going to be another low scoring affair, one of those beautiful disaster style games where there is a billion turnovers.  There’s a great chance we see the “Eli Manning” face once, twice or thrice.  Whether that be from his own stupidity, a brain fart from Larry Donnell or a barrage of penalized bear hugs from Ereck Flowers remains to be seen.  They need to change up the offense from the three-receiver set we see EVERY. SINGLE. SNAP.  This isn’t an original take by any means, but it’s just such a valid point.  The predictability of the Giants offense is fully reflected in their lack luster numbers.  While they do have talented receivers, their versatility is sorely lacking.  None of the big three pass catchers are over 6 ft, making it hard to run the ball with any effectiveness or creativity.

It’s a foregone conclusion in my mind that Philadelphia will out-muscle the Giants up front.  As painful as it is to watch Ben McAdoo’s conservative and predictable play-calling, being conservative is probably the Giants best bet.  Big Blue’s defensive matchup with the Eagles offense looks promising, as the Giants are FINALLY healthy.  If you hadn’t tuned into SNF last week, the Eagles commit an absurd amount of drops.  Also doesn’t help your talent situation at wide receiver when one of your better playmaker’s casually drag races with a glock and weed in the car.

This is a must win game for the Giants.  They are now virtually tied for 2nd in a division that is being run by the Cowboys.  Their next four games are home against Philly, Cincinnati and Chicago with one trip to Cleveland.  4-0 would be so big that my ego would feel self conscious if it stood in the same room.  They came out flat as a board after the bye week last season and any slow start this week will turn into a dumpster fire of a loss.  That is something my continued mental health is hoping doesn’t occur.




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