Cleveland Can’t Cleveland the Giants

Cleveland Can’t Cleveland the Giants

I’ve got nothing as far as deep analysis goes.  The Giants stunk for 45 minutes of the game.  They still maintain the confusing offensive scheme designed around getting the ball to 3rd class citizens and other people not named Odell Beckham Jr.  Eli was chucking ducks left and right early in the game and failed to connect with Beckham on passes with big play potential, the run game failed to convert 3rd and 1’s against an expansion level defense.  Nothing the Giants did offensively today would make you confident in them moving forward.  It’s truly incredible how the sometimes move the ball at will (which coincides with them targeting 13 and 87 more so than 82 and whatever fucking number Will Tye is) and other times they decide to run the same two insufferable run plays out of the shotgun.  Nothing like watching your guard run into the back of another offensive lineman because he’s too slow to get out when he pulls.  Giants are truly a seminar in running the football.

I will say this: those who know the Giants like I do will know that this is a game they historically lose.  There was a quiet expectation that the Giants–those same old Giants–would lose this game and piss away a golden opportunity.  So, even though it was one of the ugliest wins against an all-time bad team (and an all-time bad uniform), doesn’t the fact the Giants defied the unspoken expectation make them something?  I don’t know what that something is from a metrics standpoint, I can’t quiet quantify what this team is or explain to you why the run the same fucking offensive plays that don’t work time after time.  But they just win.  By the grace of god, they win games despite putting themselves into bad spots on special teams and offense, mustering up nothing when they’re given great field position and having to rely on a defensive masterpiece for the victory.  Even though this was one of their worst games of the year, they still won by two scores. Even when they are at their worse, the Giants are not worse than an all-time bad team. (that sentence hurt to write)

Speaking of defense, what a time to come alive.  Seven sacks today, bringing their grand total during this winning streak to 21.  There’s now some certified studs out on the football field as opposed to dollar signs with pads on, who know how to make me frustrated.  Olivier Vernon, and his Pop-Eye arms, has teamed up with JPP to produce a 1-2 wrecking crew on the defensive line for the Giants. Pierre-Paul’s resurgence is an absolutely great story.  Anyone not rooting for this guy is the biggest scrooge to ever.  As if people who are overly critical of professional athletes aren’t bad enough, those who hate on a guy going through a human moment (one born from a level of stupidity usually seen amongst common folk) need to suck on the business end of a shotgun.  JPP is back, being pushed by Vernon, and it’s freaking awesome.   I love the bromance this pass-rush duo has.  Always meeting at the quarterback, sitting together on the bench.  It’s a modern day McAdoo love story.  Love wins, so I hope it ends in a Super Bowl win.

A trip to Pittsburgh is next for Big Blue.  I’ll be at the game, so follow me on snapchat @ msilbs for that experience if you want to see either true exuberance or pure despair.  I promise I won’t disappoint.  Triple cover Antonio Brown and I think we got a chance.


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