Long Island Chronicles : the coupling we never wanted to need

Long Island Chronicles : the coupling we never wanted to need

You know, I never thought I’d be thankful for Taylor swift. Like ever. But right now, she is doing something that has gotten the pop culture demon roaring inside of me.

She decided to partner up with drake. I say “partner up” because I actually have no idea what’s happening. Even with my detective skills, I don’t know if the nature of this relationship is business, pleasure or both (which is Taylors normal move as we all know). I’ve scoured the internet looking for anything that will give me definitive evidence but NOTHING.

Why choose now to be discreet Taylor? Are we going to hear a collab that’s bound for radio stardom to the rejoice of white girls everywhere? Or have they coupled up to be the most emotional pair of all time? Does this mean she’s finally learned not to make her relationships so public? Or does it mean they’re not together? Or is she just terrified of RiRi? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

We might have gotten a clue early this morning when drake posted an insta of them. But just like this whole weird situation, it was suggestive and mysterious and doesn’t tell us anything. The game they are so clearly playing is so infuriating but satisfying at the same time and I really just need them to lay it out for us, even though I’m expecting to be kept in the dark for some time.

Whether it be professional or personal, all I hope for this is that we are all blessed with social media drama. Taylor Swift and Drake, please don’t disappoint.


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