raising our children right

raising our children right

Incredible stuff here. Does little Jimmy want any part of this? Who cares – you’re the douchebag dad who says what goes. Are these people spending an exorbitant amount of money on vacation spots to get this little fucker ready for a swag swinging xXx lifestyle? Maybe – or maybe this little daredevil doesn’t need school because time waits for no badass.

My favorite part is easily the “drop the hammer mom!” on the boat – really drives the tone home halfway through the video – easy lag point for the audience, let’s you know what’s what. That or the constantly misplaced screams -basically background music, also the fact that I’m stupid enough to have thought this was real for a good thirty seconds or so. Had me going till the ski cliff scene, no ones legs are that still approaching a powder bed – not even an inappropriately handled four year old.


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