Real Quotes by Real People on a Friday

Real Quotes by Real People on a Friday

Crazy week huh? Trump is President, Hillary is officially the biggest loser since Steven Glansberg, and America needs a Xanax.

Well rest assured, despite this week’s absurdly historic events… one thing remains constant… Real Friday Quotes


Quote 1:

“You literally just ruined it every night”


No this isn’t about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This one is about me. My friend was reminiscing about our weekend nights in college. The “it” he is referring to is the “good time he was having.” Nights¬†started out fun. A couple drinks, a couple laughs, more drinks more laughs etc etc. But unfortunately the nights wouldn’t end the way they started.

My friend would be forced to end his night early because I was being led out of the club by a security guard holding the back of my neck. I would like to think I had a good reason for getting into as many confrontations as I did but right now nothing comes to mind. As Jamie Foxx once said, “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Funny how you don’t realize how douchy you were until you’ve had a couple years to reflect. My apologies, but hey, at least you got a quote out of it.


Quote 2:

“I almost got pregnant to this song”


You’d think a woman said this… You’d be wrong… A male friend of mine said this. He was talking about how sensual the song ‘Versace on the Floor’ is.¬†This song makes so much love to you musically it could literally get a man pregnant… that’s the point my friend was trying to make. Listen to the song and try to disagree, I dare you.


And that’s the quotes for the week. Following the election and its aftermath, I’m hoping these quotes have brought a little levity to your day. And if not, go out with your friend to the club and try not to get kicked out. And if you do get kicked out, end the night with Versace on the Floor.


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