Real Quotes from Real People on a Friday

Real Quotes from Real People on a Friday

Did someone say Friday Quote Blog? Well, since you mentioned it, yes it is that time of week again. It’s time to get into some quotes said by real people on a Friday. The quotes weren’t actually said on a Friday, this blog was just written on a Friday (well Thursday night…but let’s not let the facts ruin a good story) Anyway… these quotes were actually said at some point in time.


Quote 1:

“Damn I’m trying to get at Melanie Iglesias”



My friend was clearly trying hit on Melanie Iglesias.*

*Me and a couple friends were talking about girls we’d love to hook up with. But these girls were ones we personally knew and had met in real life. One of my friends who was half paying attention to the conversation and perusing through Instagram. Right as one of my friends said who he was “trying to get after” my friend with the phone friend saw a picture of Melanie Iglesis… which prompted him to say “Damn I’m trying to get at Melanie Iglesias”

For those that are not satisfied with this quote… here’s a few pic of Melanie Iglesias…

Image result


Image result for melanie iglesias

Image result for melanie iglesias

Quote 2:

“We have no forks, what am I supposed to eat with? My dick?!”


This quote is somewhat of a spin off of one of last week’s quotes. If you were an avid RFQ (Real Friday Quotes) reader you’d know what I was referring to. But for those of you who are new to RFQ, or for those who may have forgotten, one of last weeks quotes had to do with the word “dick”. I explained how the word “dick” was used to describe the extent of a situation… such as “This test is stressful as dick” or “damn that movie was good as dick”.

So for this weeks quote, it’s a somewhat similar scenario. My friend wanted to eat something that required a fork. Apparently there were no forks to be found. To describe his frustration at the lack of forks he thought of one of the most ridiculous things he could eat with. I don’t believe my friend had any intention of eating his food with his penis. I merely think he said the word “dick” because it was the first word that popped in his brain It’s like a reflex for us when we can’t think of a word “dick” is the cure all because we already use it so much in other scenarios where it’s not relevant. What started as an inside joke turned in to a subtle case of “dick Tourettes”


Well everyone that’s it for this weeks edition of RFQ. I feel like we got a lot closer. Maybe that’s just me. Until next time… go hit up Melanie Iglesias and make sure you have a fork on hand if your gunna go out to eat


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