Real Quotes from Real People on a Friday

Real Quotes from Real People on a Friday

Well I’ll be, it’s Friday. Another glorious day for some random quotes. I hope you laugh as much as I did when I read them. And if you don’t, well at least one of us enjoyed this blog.


Quote 1:

“I don’t care if my kid’s gay, as long as he goes to the major league or the NFL.”



The details of this conversation are fuzzy but if I were to guess, I’d say me and several friends were playing the “What if?” game. You and your friends have probably played it. If you haven’t, It goes a little something like this (runaway love), you ask your friend “What if____?” the blank being a random scenario. I’d assume my friend was asked “What if your kid was gay?” My friend who did not have kids at the time and still doesn’t (as far as know) provided what started as a very accepting answer and ended with a statement that would leave a lot of millennials triggered.


Quote 2:

“I don’t get it, how to you devirginize a virgin?”



The lead up to this quote is unimportant. Focus on the actual quote. Go ahead, read it again. The only way this question could be asked legitimately, would be if the person didn’t know what a virgin was. I’m 99.99% sure the person who said this quote knew what a virgin was.  I think it was more of a case where the person heard a statement and reacted without actually thinking about what they were saying. If that wasn’t the case and they are still don’t know how to devirginize a virgin. Let me take a brief moment to explain…..

Well like I said, hope you laughed at the quotes. If not, there’s always next week…. you know unless you don’t come back. But let’s stay positive. Happy thoughts… your offspring will be pro athletes (possibly gay) and the fact you have kids means you were devirginized (you had sex).



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