Golden Globes 2017 TV Nominations

Golden Globes 2017 TV Nominations

Let’s take a look at the Golden Globes nominations in the television categories.


It goes without saying, but the Golden Globes are kind of the Cousin Eddie of award shows. I outwardly profess to despise any an all of these narcissistic, back-slapping, self-given kudos fests, but, secretly, I like watching them. At least, I like seeing if my favorite shows and actors win, and, if not, I like railing against the injustice of the stupid, meaningless award shows.

I’ll stick to the TV categories since I cover that for The Open Field periodically. Also, I don’t see many movies in theaters so I’d be throwing darts at a wall. Furthermore, there were a couple of television programs from this year that I am madly in love with; expect very unbiased analysis of these noms.

(All categories and nominations have been taken from this Variety article.)

Best Television Series – Drama:
“The Crown”
“Game Of Thrones”
“Stranger Things”
“This Is Us”

“This Is Us” can take a hike and I haven’t seen much of “The Crown” so that leaves us with three options. You all are probably aware of he we feel about “Game of Thrones” here at the site. And Westworld, well, imo it’s great as straight up sci-fi and kind of iffy as a character-driven HBO drama. I liked the first season a lot, but it’s not winning this category.

So who is winning this category? It will probably be “Game of Thrones,” but I want it to be “Stranger Things” so bad. I love this show so much. It has great world-building, great characters, a great mixture of horror and sci-fi, effectively pays homage to Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King, AND features a dumpy Indiana town. If not for “Atlanta,” it would have been my favorite TV show of the year by a considerable margin. Speaking of…

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy:
“Mozart In The Jungle”

Look, all the other shows are fine. But “Atlanta” was a gosh damn revelation. Donald Glover managed to create something new and unique in a TV landscape that is more overpopulated than Bangladesh. The first season was hilarious and insightful and surreal and really really good. “Atlanta” may have a chance at the Globes, but “Veep” will probably win the Emmy because old white people are dumb.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama:
Rami Malek – “Mr. Robot”
Bob Odenkirk – “Better Call Saul”
Matthew Rhys – “The Americans”
Liev Schreiber – “Ray Donovan”
Billy Bob Thornton – “Goliath”

Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series – Drama:
Caitriona Balfe – “Outlander”
Claire Foy – “The Crown”
Keri Russell – “The Americans”
Winona Ryder – “Stranger Things”
Evan Rachel Wood – “Westworld”

How David Harbour – or any of the fantastic child actors – didn’t make the cut for Best Actor in a Drama is beyond all comprehension. His opposite, Winona Ryder, is very much deserving in the Best Actress category. Although, I must say, Evan Rachel Wood was freaking outstanding in “Westworld.”

Additionally, her “Westword” co-star, Jeffrey Wright, was also shamefully omitted from the Best Actor category. All the actors selected are fine; Harbour and Wright – not to mention Tony Hopkins! – were better than all of ’em.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy:
Anthony Anderson – “Black-ish”
Gael García Bernal – “Mozart in the Jungle
Donald Glover – “Atlanta”
Nick Nolte – “Graves”
Jeffrey Tambor – “Transparent”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy:
Rachel Bloom – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Veep”
Sarah Jessica Parker – “Divorce”
Issa Rae – “Insecure”
Gina Rodriguez – “Jane the Virgin”
Tracee Ellis-Ross – “Black-ish”

You can guess who I want to want to win the Best Actor, Comedy award (Bino, I’m so for real-o), but it will probably, and deservedly, go to Jeffrey Tambor. I’m pretty ignorant on the ladies side of this thing, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus is always a safe bet. Sarah Jessica Parker was really good in “Divorce.” I have seen snippets of the last three shows; each of those actors are dope as well (#analysis).

Best Limited Series:
“American Crime”
“The Dresser”
“The Night Manager”
“The Night Of”
“The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:
Riz Ahmed – “The Night Of”
Bryan Cranston – “All The Way”
Tom Hiddleston – “The Night Manager”
John Turturro – “The Night Of”
Courtney B Vance – “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:
Felicity Huffman – “American Crime”
Riley Keough – “The Girlfriend Experience”
Sarah Paulson – “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story”
Charlotte Rampling – “London Spy”
Thandie Newton – “Westworld”

Let’s take these in a big chunk. “The People v O.J.” was excellent – yes, even Ross from Friends was good in it – but I feel like it was overshadowed by the ESPN documentary covering the same topic. Also, “The Night Of” was my jam.

And that brings us to my toughest choice of these Golden Globes: Riz Ahmed or John Turturro for Best Actor? They were both pitch perfect – as was Michael K. Williams in a supporting role – and enthralling. But, as I said in my series finale recap, Turturro was a force of nature as the out of place, eczema riddled, seemingly hapless but actually pretty decent attorney. The show would have been pretty much the same with a different “Naz,” it would have been completely altered with a different “John Stone.”

Quick question: How did Thandie Newton from “Westworld” get a nom in the Limited Series category when Evan Rachel Wood already did, for the same show, in the Drama category? Oh well, Thande as “Maeve” – the slowly-becoming-sentient robot who cranks all of her sliders and owns a bunch of dumb humans – was probably my favorite part of “Westworld.” I hope she wins, but Sarah Paulson is also very deserving.

I hope all of my favs win a Golden Globe. If not, well, everything is broken and everyone is stupid.


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