I Hate Philadelphia Blog Pt. II

I Hate Philadelphia Blog Pt. II

The final chapter in the 2016 edition of the rivalry that makes my blood boil.  This time our heroes in blue travel across the I-90 into the dump that is Philadelphia to do battle with a franchise in the midst of a tailspin.  I knew the Eagles were going to end up like this, it was only a matter of time.  They could only overachieve for so long before their talent and experience caught up with them.  I can remember Peter King on Pardon my Take in week 3 saying the Eagles were a Super Bowl team.  I laughed aloud to myself on the train platform while bystanders probably inched towards the nearest exit.  I would too if I saw some lunatic laughing maniacally at essentially nothing at 6:3o in the morning.

Fast forward to week 16 and the narrative has completely changed.  Philadelphia is 2-9 since starting 3-0.  Eagles fans keep glancing at their watch, waiting for this atrocity of a season to end.  Carson City, Wentzylvania is officially closed for playoffs in 2016.  The rookie has looked like a rookie.  The dude has some tremendous upside, but this isn’t about upside.  Jamarcus Russell could throw a ball into a different area code.  Gotta show me some finished product.  Wentz has taken a step back and out of the public grace like an A-list celebrity after an anti-semetic tirade.  The future might be bright but for the purpose of tonight, I would pray as an Eagles fan that Olivier Vernon doesn’t break Wentz’s back over his knee.

I’m excited for tonight.  What else would you expect me to say at this point.  The Eagles are in a tailspin, the Redskins are out of the playoffs, we’re fresh off a dominating performance and season sweep of the best team in football and OH YEAh the Giants can clinch the playoffs tonight for the first time since 2011.  I’ve got a bottle of champagne ready to go.  It will taste absolutely delightful when being chased with Philly tears.  Can’t wait for Doug Pederson to aggressively go for it on fourth-down or go for 2 points and it completely backfire in his face again tonight.  Really a sight to behold.  Benny Big Balls and Jack Del Rio laugh at Pederson’s feeble attempts to sack up.  Go back to holding Andy Reid’s lunch, NERD!


PS–Can’t wait for the Giants to be in the Super Bowl.  Give me the Patriots.  Give me the Steelers.  But PLEASE give me the Titans.  The site dynamic would be amazing.  @Jake


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