Jeff Fisher to Meet with Donald Trump Today

Jeff Fisher to Meet with Donald Trump Today

The ex-Rams head coach is scheduled to arrive at Trump Tower sometime between noon today and noon tomorrow to discuss a vacant leadership position in charge of stabilization during our nation’s relocation to Russia.

Fisher, who was fired yesterday from the Los Angeles NFL franchise, was instrumental in the move that saw the Rams leave St. Louis for more western pastures. Now, with the help of Russian intelligence, he is looking to oversee the more large-scale movement of most of America’s independence, pride, and civilians to our closest allies… Russia.

No word yet as to who else is interviewing for the job, but Fisher is quoted as saying “At least fucking Case Keenum won’t have anything to do with it this time.” He later went on to add “Fuck Eric Dickerson.”

Dickerson, for once, refused to comment.


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