Matt’s Week 13 fantasy

Matt’s Week 13 fantasy

This is it. Do or die time. Week 13 determines who gets into the playoffs and who doesn’t. It determines who is going to get the scrill. It determines who might just come in last place (“DFL” among my friends and I, figure it out) and have to rollerblade downtown in short shorts. Before I let you know the ultimate high risk-high reward guys, here’s who I’m rocking with this week.


QB: Luck be a Lady tonight                            FLEX: Crief

RB: DJ spin that shit                                       FLEX: The better Thomas reciever

RB: James “Tony” Stark                                 TE: Ertz

WR: 88                                                            D: Honestly do not care

WR: Demore Demaryius



Some teams will be in a position in which they have to score a zillion points if they want to grab a playoff spot. In my league, we have four teams competing for three spots. The last spot will most likely come down to the season long points total. This is the risk-it-all weekend for fantasy. Let me give you some boom or bust guys who can put you over the top if they hit.


QB: Matt Barkley. Against a decent Tennessee defense last week, Barkley through for over 300 yards and 3 tds in his first career start. He goes up against a porous San Francisco defense at home. It will snow in Chicago tomorrow which means defenses should struggle and points will be scored. If the USC man hits, he can give you over 20 points.


QB To Stay Away From: Carson Wentz. The guy has not put up over 20 points in a game this year. He won’t do it tomorrow either.


RB: Give me some Wendell Smallwood. Ryan Mathews is out again. Spoles is simply not a workhorse back. Philly does not want Wentz to have to throw the ball too often, as he is still a rookie quarterback. Cincinnati can be run on. Look for Smallwood to get into the end zone and end up with over 70 yards too.


RB To Stay Away From: Lamar Miller. If you have the guy, you probably have to start him. But, everything about this game screams fantasy disappointment for him. Green Bay played inspired defense last week at Philly and return home to continue the momentum. A reeling Houston offense meets a home team who is playing good defense for the first time all season. Ew.


WR: That’s it, I’m all in. Marquees Wilson. Start him. Chicago is injury plagued and forced to start both Barkley and Wilson. Those two spent plenty of time together on second string and that chemistry will continue on field this week. We saw it last week as Wilson posted 8 for 125 and a touchdown on 11 targets.


WR To Stay Away From:  Brandon LaFell. The guy has worse hands than a broken clock. I am just not a fan of his talent. Cinci is struggling and have given up on their season. Philly will be playing for their playoff lives. Start anyone else.


TE: I know Arizona plays well against tight ends but start Vernon Davis. You can probably get him off waivers too. With Jordan Reed out, Davis should see around 8-10 targets and a couple in the redzone. A touchdown is a likely possibility for the vet.


TE To Stay Away From: Greg Olsen. Truly, consider starting someone else. Since his awesome start, Olsen has fallen off a cliff. Seattle will be amped up and ready to go for a prime time game after their embarrassing loss to Tampa Bay.


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