Old Guy Hates Thing: 2016 was a year

Old Guy Hates Thing: 2016 was a year

2017 is the next one.


2016 was a year. A year is a unit of time developed by our species in order to give us some small since of being in control. We are not and time isn’t real.

We also – most of us – put faith in the ability of us to govern ourselves. Furthermore, we have opinions and thoughts on the best way to do so. Humans tend to think that one or more ways of ruling over each other is better than one or more other ways of ruling over each other.

Here in the United States, for instance, a representative democracy has been presented and accepted as the best mode of governance. Some go as far as to say it’s the one Jesus prefers but that’s neither here nor there.

Last month, this system led to the election – to the office of USA President, in case you didn’t know – of someone who tweeted the following:

If you would care to note the time stamp of the tweet. The man above said this as the president-elect. We voted him into the highest office in our representative democracy.

I don’t know what else you want me to say.

But I will say that 2017 is the next year and it will begin in two days. Days are also a unit of time. In this instance, this unit of time measures how long it takes for the Earth to spin once – more or less – on its axis. Time, again, isn’t real, and none of your emotions or thoughts matter one bit in the overall life cycle of what we understand to be our universe.

This also happened recently:

I, too, encourage you to read the responses to a tweet by clothing store, Old Navy. I also then encourage you to contemplate, for just a minute or two, that the vile pussbags saying things like “miscegenation” are the same species  of animal as you and I; purportedly made of the same combination of elements that were formed in the heart of a dying star and then propelled across the universe during a supernova type event.

I envy you if you can continue on about your life as we slime into 2017 with even the smallest amount of optimism and energy. What it must take to completely shutoff most of your intelligence and all of your critical thinking capacity is mind boggling.

In the year 2016, there were even more pronounced examples of humankind’s wastefulness and uselessness and unfathomable shortsightedness. Chief among them was the stupid thing happening in Syria in which really idiotic super-morons destroyed a city called Aleppo with many children among the dead.

We destroy, or allow to be destroyed, the weakest and most helpless among us for power, money, and a bunch of stupid made up gods. But I’m glad you got a new job and had a kid and vomited everything all over your asinine social media accounts like anyone gives a flying fuck what you did today.

As I was saying, in 2016, the year after 2015, and the year before 2017, which is almost over, a lot of dumb things happened. 2017 seems primed to make it look like child’s play. But, again, re 2016, the following thing happened:

What hope could we possibly have when people are this stupid? They are legion. They will never go away. And they have been emboldened, vindicated.

In 2016, you really only have to go back a few months to wish evolution had stopped at apes. Or to wish that the dinosaurs were never wiped out. Or to wish every single one of the infinite planets in the universe were uninhabitable for forever.

Didn’t have the energy for fake news including Pizzagate.

My final 2016 offering:

2016 was a year. 2017 is the next one. No one cares about your year-end list.

Happy New Year everyone! May you always feel content with your faux hope and unjustifiable optimism. May you always succeed in crashing through your crushing cognitive dissonance. And may your white, middle-class existence never be more troubling than when you realize you need to run to the store for milk.


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