the kanye thing or whatever idk man

the kanye thing or whatever idk man

that’s it. we’re in an episode of black mirror. life is meaningless so enjoy the vices or niceties or whatever the fuck you do with your time while it lasts. this is a real thing that is happening.



you’ve got that uncle who went to a music festival one time and never really was normal again because a huge storm came and they cancelled the music so they “did all the drugs” – i would imagine this feels about the same. no worries tho ray lewis and jim brown are coming by later. trump has pretzelbrainfucked this country into complete insanity. textbook play from the putin book, legit no one knows what’s going on. dudes about to be in office for the next 70 years.


also i gotta level this is not a face from the don inspiring confidence on the day he confirms a noted putin surrogate of sec of state



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