tripgate 3 : grayson allen is an unreasonable toddler, coach k still the goat

tripgate 3 : grayson allen is an unreasonable toddler, coach k still the goat

ran this last year after the two trips in a week scenario with no reprimand from the ACC

this year – allen as a third year player, small but bigger, absurdly athletic, and sure fire pick in the 20’s regardless of what year he comes out for the draft (6th man of a god dream) – he’s supposed to be emotionally leading a ridiculously stacked duke team already facing rotational changes due to star injuries. not to mention having the most effective college center since greg oden with knees. then last night happened.

a) hilarious

b) if you don’t see the humor in this you are a complete fucking dickhead – give me all the grayson allen i can handle

Now here’s the thing, Duke hate, in the sports world – is about the most justified thing there is. I could wax poetic for hours about the shit i took from my four year dumbass delusional worlds biggest notre dame fan college roommate about how “OH – I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE A DUKE FAN” – but that’s beside the point. Coach K – for all his nicety, is the only sports figure active on Belechick levels of diabolical. I’d even venture to say Belechick has modeled parts of his general media tone after the old rat dog looking fucker himself.

Anyway – to the point. College basketball has gotten pretty boring to the average fan – much in the same light that people without an NFL team always defer to college being better because “the games mean more to these kids”. What happens when the sport sucks? People need rocks to hold on to – and there may be no bigger rock to grip in a storm of one n done’s and average juniors than hating everything to do with Duke basketball tradition and their assimilation into the en masse changes demon calipari has effected right up the NCAA’s nose.

Where’s that leave us in the social media world where Bob Stoops really thought a video of his star running back knocking the fuck out of some girl would never see the light of day? With coach K, yet again, being the smartest, most hateable dude in the sport of basketball. Times once were he could recruit kids that just weren’t going to fuck around and could be corralled by team baby sitters without a thought in the world en route to the annual elite 8 appearance. Now? kids are superstars in high school, some learn how to act, some don’t – and much like the swift dismissal of rasheed suliamon a few years back (only scholarship player to ever be kicked off a coach k team) we have K swiftly handling the media post game – and an early suspension announcement the following morning.

That’s why people hate this program so much – and why they continue to win, because the kids who win for duke are all the same, well spoken, generally rule following, and executing to a T in the 7 man rotation. Trip a kid for the third time on national television for the third time, proceed to flail your arms like a toddler on mushrooms on the bench and cry while calling yourself selfish repeatedly in the postgame like you’re trying to get an ex girlfriend back? Say goodbye to your minutes and see you in the third round. It’ll be interesting to see where PG touches go – my bets on Kennard turning into a white Kyle Anderson type, would be dope.


PS. how mad was coach K? probably mad enough to show allen his true form :



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