if you don’t respect coach k going full old guy you don’t know how to laugh

if you don’t respect coach k going full old guy you don’t know how to laugh

A few weeks back Duke star junior guard ted cruz’s tallest sperm with hands Grayson Allen was suspended indefinitely by old rat face mike for blatantly tripping some kid on Elon. Third time this has happened in a year – and he proceeded to throw a major temper tantrum on the bench with ESPN camera’s focused squarely on him. The suspension was the right move, says everyone with brain, and it likely shouldn’t have taken that long to happen.


However – say what you will about Duke basketball – you have got to love said indefinite suspension lasting one. fucking. game. Allen game back to start tonight against Georgia Tech – almost choked on my dinner tonight when I saw this, thought it was troll city by some social media manager even I would be inclined to bully.

To the point – among the long list of things coach k has built in his illustrious career from west point bobby knight protege to probable most powerful man in usa basketball the most impressive has been intangible. his charisma. say what you will about him looking like an oversized vermin in a suit – the dude has always walked his walk well enough to piss off everybody without leaving clear holes to be attacked. smart as can be. but he’s getting old, and likely soft – because if even scheyer (granted, allens way more talented) does that shit six years ago he’s not playing the second half and is suspended in the post game presser – for more than a game. anyway yeah coach k is getting old and will be the last in this era of great college coaches who we’ll see lose their cool. calhoun, boeheim, guess you gotta throw cal in there given the current 1 and done landscape he shoved down everyones throats with an aau A47, have all been batshit insane on the national stage. K? Not so much, save the passable shit.


Allen gets suspended for a game for straight up embarrassing himself and the program, i for one am shocked, a little annoyed – but mostly juiced up, because we’re closer than we’ve ever been to drunk old guy krzyzewski and you’re a god damn liar if you don’t wanna hear the shit coming out of that guys mouth.


did he make scheyer and capel sign a pact to murder him in front of a room of reporters if he ever slips into talking about the witch hunts bobby knight used to bring him on in the woods surrounding west point campus? probably a triple homicide lurking in that friendship somewhere.


p.s. real convenient he’s taking a month hiatus for back surgery after this game – board of trustees is a hundo p giving him a lobotomy.


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