*Insert Insanely Idiotic Boat Joke*

*Insert Insanely Idiotic Boat Joke*

I am here right now to call a spade a spade:  The Giants–MY NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS–got the ever loving crap kicked out of them yesterday.  As far as complaints, I have none; I can only tip my cap to the greatest quarterback in the NFL right now.  Aaron Rodgers is an absolute surgeon, and despite losing his best receiver, the man took to carving up the Giants secondary like Hannibal Lecter.

I was confident going into yesterdays game, and my confidence was rewarded through the first 27 minutes of the football game.  It’s a moot point now though considering Rodgers and the Packers kicked it into a hyper speed that left the Giants in the Lambeau mulch.

Here is my lone thought on the game, and I’m going to make this very simple for everyone out there who feels as thought their vanilla ice cream opinion on Odell and co. is even remotely interesting:  Go take a long walk off a short bridge.

To sit there and blame yesterdays loss on a trip to Miami that happened one week ago, on the teams OFF DAY, speaks to the mental capacity of the opinionated.  Yes, Odell had maybe his worst day as a professional yesterday.  I cannot defend his play on the field, but for any person or institution *COUGH NEW YORK POST COUGH* to cast sole blame onto #13 is a fool.  The guy is like 70% of the reason the Giants were in the playoffs anyway.  So do me a sincere favor and shut up.

You want to levee blame?  Ask Dwayne Harris why he field multiple punts inside of the Giants 5 yard line.  Ask Bobby Rainey why he fielded a kick at the 3 yard line and WENT OUT OF BOUNDS.  Ask Robbie Gould why he short-kicked about 8 consecutive kickoffs, and why Brad Wing averaged next to nothing.

It actually might be fundamentally impossible within the structure of the game for one player outside of the quarterback position to be solely responsible for a 25 point loss.

Do I agree with the wide receivers going to Miami on their off-day?

I genuinely do not care.  They make more money than I can possibly fathom, and since I don’t have the financial flexibility to quickly hop on a plane for a day trip to SoBe followed by a nightcap with Biebs, I am unable to speak to that.

Would I have posted to every social media about it?

Maybe not, if the off-day is really only about me getting away from the game for one day, or maybe even celebrating an 11 win season and first career playoff berth.

At the end of the day, the guys showed up on time Tuesday.  They just so happened to fall flat on Sunday.  Whatever.

The Giants lost because Aaron Rodgers is a freaking magician, the Special Teams play of the Giants was terrible and injuries to the Giants secondary got exposed in the second half.  The Packers adjusted accordingly once DRC was out of the game, and exposed Trevin Wade.

Hats off to the Packers.  Aaron Rodgers is the best player I’ve ever seen.  Not even the vaunted Seattle defense could slow him down, and now he adds the Giants defense to his trophy mantle.

It will be a long off-season for the Giants after a loss like this.  However, they took a huge step forward, and with the right acquisitions this off-season, I have no doubt they will compete for a Super Bowl next season.


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