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Month: February 2017

Giants Release Victor Cruz

Giants Release Victor Cruz

Bitter sweet day for Giants nation.  On the one hand, you have a revered figure in Giants lore who was basically one of 6 players that lifted the Giants to a Super Bowl championship in 2011.  However, you have a player who is more than likely over the hill and costing the Giants $9M a season.  Being a hit that steep as a below-average third receiver is not what I would consider staying power in this league.

I was genuinely happy for Victor Cruz when he scored the game winner at Dallas in week one.  What a way to cap a return from two devastating injuries, there is truly a special place in my heart for a fourth quarter Salsa Dance.  However,  that proved to be his only touchdown in a season where he caught 39 balls and was a victim of Ben McAdoo’s declamation plan.  Roger Lewis Jr slid into Cruz’s spot at times, and I must say while the play might not be up to par yet, Lewis Jr.’s touchdown dance is HEAT.

Cruz and his story will long be celebrated by Giants faithful–the undrafted free agent from New Jersey who seized the moment early in 2011 against Philadelphia and did nothing but BALL OUT straight to the Super Bowl.  The combination of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks lifted Eli Manning to his best passing season to date and famously had Bill Belichick reminding his defense on the sideline in the Super Bowl “This is a Cruz and Nicks game.”

Alas, the Giants offense is in transition and getting younger. With big money paid to the defense last season, and much needed allocations for the offensive interior, players like Cruz, Jennings and JT Thomas were assumed to be on the chopping block.  With $7.5M in savings thanks to this move, I completely support this necessary yet painful move by the Giants.

Thanks for making the Salsa great again, Vic.  There are plenty of wide receiving starved teams in this league (not named Philadelphia).  I’m sure you will get swallowed up by DRC or Jack Rabbit in the coming seasons.