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Atlanta wins and other Golden Globes stuff

Atlanta wins and other Golden Globes stuff

I’ll let my dude Keith Stanfield, aka Darius, express how I feel about both Atlanta and Donald Glover winning a Golden Globe last night:

So Atlanta won Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy over the likes of Black-ish and Transparent, which was awesome and made me happy. And Donald Glover won Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy over they likes of Anthony Anderson and Jeffrey Tambor, which was also very awesome and made me very happy.

I have written a lot about what made Atlanta the best show on TV this year, so all I’ll say is that it was nice to see this super dope show be awarded for being super dope. Oh, and Glover’s speeches were perfect. Find both of them if you can.

One more thing: I love Zazie Beetz so much.

* * *

So, the rest of the awards, for me, fell somewhere between “that’s dumb” and “who cares.” A lot of that had to do with my not seeing the respective winning show/movie (good thing I’m writing this, huh?), but some of it had to do with awards shows being mostly stupid and useless.

The Night Manager winning a bunch of awards is a good place to start. It’s a British show originally broadcast on BBC before being picked up by AMC. It stars Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, which, fine. But, as far as I can tell, it wasn’t that great and wasn’t expected to win many, if any, Golden Globes. Let’s take a look at the categories it did win, and what should have won instead.

The Night Manager was listed as a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. Hugh Laurie won Best Supporting Actor, which is the only one I’m OK with even though I would have gone with Sterling K. Brown from The People v. O.J. Simpson. However, Brown, and his show, won some Emmy’s last year so, whatever.

Olivia Colman won Best Supporting Actress. This Is Us had two nominees in this category, but that show is basically pandering in the form of a TV show so all of its nominees can take a hike. Who should have won? Lena Headey from Game of Thrones is always deserving imho, and would’ve been a better choice than Colman, but Thandie Newton was a force of nature on Westworld. She was robbed.

This leads us to the worst award of the night: Tom Hiddleston winning Best Actor in a Limited Series/Movie for TV over both Riz Ahmed and John Turturro. Hiddleston, although I enjoyed his portrayal of Loki in the Avengers films, is akin to having a single piece of white bread for dinner. I really enjoyed The Night Of, and it should have won for best Limited Series over OJ, and Ahmed and Turturro were super duper fantastic in it.

A key thing to remember about the Globes: they are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press, with Foreign being the key word. They appeared to have chosen the British show by default. Which they also did for Best TV Drama, selecting The Crown – Boresville, am I right? – over GoT and, and this is unforgivable, Stranger Things. Boy did I love Stranger ThingsIt really irks me when everyone else on Earth does not love the same things I do.

* * *

On the Movies side of things, La La Land cleaned up as expected. Moonlight was a surprise as best Drama over Manchester By the Sea (I really dug Hell or High Water and encourage you to watch it if you have not). I look forward to seeing each of these at some point as well as seeing how they do at the Oscars.

I wanted Colin Ferrell to win for The Lobster because he was great in it, and that movie was a dark comedy masterpiece, but Ryan Gosling is cool too, I suppose. My biggest beef in Movies was Isabelle Huppert winning for Elle over my girl Amy Adams for Arrival. Again, this probably had a lot to do with who voted for these things. Elle won best Foreign Language Motion Picture, but come on you guys.

Finally: Viola Davis and Meryl Streep are both the realest. And did you know Tom Ford, the clothes designer guy, was the screenwriter and director of Nocturnal Animals? Weird.

Sleepless Nights and Accidental Humor – Room 237

Sleepless Nights and Accidental Humor – Room 237

The weirdest things start to happen when you can’t sleep. Mindlessly checking Twitter, going through old emails, and scrolling Instagram only get you about 20 minutes of distracted content, and before long you find yourself wondering how you are going to kill the next 7 hours before work starts. Letting your mind unfurl onto itself will only lead to more confusion, feelings of discomfort, and bring the issues plaguing the deeper parts of your otherwise pretty normal mind to the forefront, and WE DO NOT WANT THAT. Not on a work-night at least.

So what do I do? Occasionally I stumble through the Netflix archives of Always Sunny, sometimes I write articles for you people, and other times I play NBA 2k13 (GOAT). Last night, I decided to wander down the deepest darkest corner of the streaming world… no not pornhub.

I am talking about Netflix documentaries. In particular, Room 237.


Room 237 is the absolute deepest of deep dives into the subliminal messaging using, motif encapsulating, mind-fuckery used by Stanley Kurbick all throughout The Shining.  From the simple room number 237, to the actual layout of the maze behind the hotel, shit even the hotel layout itself possessed easter eggs that drove a few ‘experts’ to the brink of craziness as they dissected the entire film frame-by-frame.

It is way less boring than it sounds. These people who have dedicated their lives to Kubrick and adoring his every fart managed to fill over 2 hours worth of my sleepless night with absolutely beautiful content that had me keeling over with laughter as much as scratching my chin. They broke down the way the scenes faded into one another, and the images they seemed to possess.


They pointed out that Kubrick himself was actually airbrushed into the clouds during one of the opening scenes, which was my personal favorite, due to the fact I SEE LITERALLY NOTHING.


Seriously, this was comical and I guess a little insightful. For those of you who have seen The Shining which I fucking hope is all of you, the sinister way the film makes you feel surely led these people to a few conclusions that may otherwise have not been present, which is understandable if you think about it. We all obsess over something in this world, and for those who feel a true sense of connection to a director as detail-oriented as Kubrick you may start to connect dots that otherwise would just be freckles on the face of accidental genius.

That, to me, is what made this documentary so enjoyable. I am never one to knock hustle, and this was basically the Aaron Craft of diving on loose theories. You really had to go frame by literal frame to find some of these small details, and assuming the actors themselves were in on every single conspiracy one could draw the conclusion that this was the single most intelligent film ever made.

ORRRRRRRR it’s just Kubrick fanatics raising a person who, for all extensive purposes could be an actual looney-bin escapee, to the highest rung of the ladder for intellectual film-making.

Either way this documentary gets a cumulative score of 36 on my 4 category criteria ranking scale I just now made up.


8/10 – Do I believe the conspiracy?

This is less a full fledged conspiracy and more of a detailed look at a film. Do I think Kubrick intentionally left these eggs there? Yes. Is the entire movie a reflection of how native americans were treated in the 1860’s? No. 8.

9/10 – Did I laugh?

Oh boy did I. These people were so far off the deep end Ryan Lochte couldn’t save them if he had no Tinder.

9/10 – Was it too long?

No, they needed every last second to explain this thing thoroughly, and it sure was thorough.

10/10 – Did I fall asleep?

The most important metric imaginable.


ALERT: new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer

ALERT: new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer

NBC premiered a brand new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer during it’s prime time Olympics coverage.

It’s lit.

Did y’all know IP Man (Donnie Yen) was in it? Well, he is. Also, I apparently think that Donnie Yen and Jet Li are the same person:

I’m an idiot.


LANDO! (Dustin from Stranger Things voice)

I am so here for this. I hope Donald Glover does it. I hope so much. If you think we love Chance the Rapper around these parts wait until the new Childish Gambino album drops. Realistically, it will probably just be me, but I will completely lose all of my shit.


dear amy schumer

dear amy schumer

I would like to start this by thanking a dear friend of mine, Amy Schumer. We aren’t actually friends in the least it and the closest relation we have is being born on Long Island, but I still want to thank her. Her perfect balance of self-deprecation and modern feminism portrayed by her humor has left me with a girl crush of epic proportions.

Thank you, Amy, for your ability to go so far over the line but never losing the joke. Thank you, for giving men a peek into the daily struggles of women in a way that no other woman has done before. Comedy can be used to send a message that if in other forms, people would pay no attention. But through your satirical skits, you’ve accomplished to cross over into the dude brain and make them ask, “wait, do girls really do that?” That takes talent.

Now, this article may seem biased since I consider myself one of her top 10 fans, but my tears shed while watching her stand up at MSG do not blur my judgment. Isn’t it refreshing for someone to live without giving a single shit about what others think? Isn’t it refreshing to see a woman in the spotlight walk out of her NYC apartment and not be in full hair and makeup? I know there are more than just Amy, but sue me, she’s my focus.

Besides her ability to make you laugh while sparking contemplation into life’s moments, Amy’s ability to relate to the common folk is something to be commended. Amy represents a bigger picture, the few of the elite Hollywood crowd who choose to be themselves while being watched by the rest of the world. The ones who don’t forget that when it comes down to it, they are humans at the core. Humans who indulge in life’s vices and don’t apologize, no matter how many paparazzi capture the moment in time.

From my last article, you all know my personal allegiance to the Kardashians, so my love for Amy might seem a bit contradictory, but I separate my love between unattainable humans who are fun to look at and unattainable humans who I can relate to. Can I relate to Kylie Jenner, her 12 cars, her daily glam session and her perfect ass? No. Can I relate to Amy Schumer, her sweat pants, dirty humor and admittedly vanilla sex life? Yes.

When a celebrity offers something to dream of, its just as intoxifying as a celebrity who offers a bit of humility, relatedness. We live in a time so consumed by images, that seeing someone who doesn’t comply to the perfection of the photograph makes some uncomfortable while making some have a little bit of added faith. Does it mean I’m going to post a selfie of myself when I first wake up in the morning while spooning my dog? Probably not (you’re welcome) but it does offer a bit of solace in this crazy world. There are people who chose the life of fame, but haven’t lost their life of normalcy.


Laughing at Ghosts –Why the new Ghostbusters movie is great

Laughing at Ghosts –Why the new Ghostbusters movie is great

5 Dollar Tuesday at the Wallingford Movie Theater is possibly the best deal around. Sonic has this deal where you can buy a powerade/soda combo for only a dollar and that’s pretty close. Sonoco offers a free coffee at the first of every month and that’s cool too. But paying a total of 8 bucks for a ticket and popcorn tops them all; which is why I decided to see the new Ghostbusters movie with my mom.

As you know, the movie features four women as the leads. I went into the movie wondering if they could match the witty, improvised magic that the legendary Bill Murray flaunted during the original. I was wondering if they could be as nonchalant as Murray, who always seems to make it appear as though he is never acting and instead a camera is merely following him around in real life. To be honest, I entered this movie with the wrong mindset. I am sure many others did as well.

The plot is unsurprisingly similar to the original film. After all, this movie is at its core a reboot of an already successful franchise; an idea I could not get away from until I had already left the theater. Just because the plot did not stray far from Murray and co’s first installment, does not mean we have to juxtapose this film against its predecessor. If anything, the casting director and film’s producers intended to do just the opposite. The casting of four females as the leads is a testament to that! In fact, the trajectory of the film’s storyline is the only commonality between these two films. During the first Ghostbusters, the all-male group had no problem gaining popularity as well as witnessing an increased public belief in ghosts. They also find a way to incorporate a love story. Without giving too much away, the new film’s all-female cast lacks any popularity besides the discouraging comments of YouTube trolls, struggles to convince anyone that ghosts exists, and strays away from any romantic storyline. The skeletons of the first film remain, however, that meat of this movie is composed of entirely new material. The actresses, as well as the producers and writers should be applauded for trying a new recipe when the old one was iconic.


Speaking of actresses, their performances were almost brilliant. As expected, Kate McKinnon was the crowning jewel. Although I do not want to compare McKinnon to a former Ghostbuster star, her quirkiness was the closest thing to Murray I have seen in sometime. She has some Jim Carey in her but has the potential to be even funnier. No matter where the scene was going, the eyes were on her. And when they were, she delivered. Her loose, yet comfortable zaniness was on display. The only reason I thought she fell short of a terrific performance was because she didn’t have enough camera time.

When I wasn’t laughing at McKinnon’s overall craziness, I was chuckling at the wonderful Leslie Jones. She played the non-scientist of the group, a former subway guard named Patti. Jones hit home almost 100% of the time, but some of her lines were stale as if they had been used in a hundred movies before. Jones was hilarious but, her full-of-life, large personality should have been used more.

Wiig was her usual self; lovable, dryly humorous, sharp. She proved once more that she can carry a movie. While Jones and McKinnon made me laugh more, Wiig added an emotional dimension to the movie; separating it from other action/comedies such as The Other Guys. McCarthy however, was the only disappointment. She played a scientist who is entirely devoted to proving ghosts exist. The film called for her to be a co-catalyst with Wiig, although she would have been better served in a supporting role. What makes McCarthy special is her ability to be effective in littler roles. It’s the reasons she was such an admired character on Gilmore Girls. I want McCarthy to provide those infrequent, yet much needed jabs of comedic relief in the same way I want Isaiah Thomas to come off of Boston’s bench. Efficiency is a skill that can easily be stretched thin.

Still, I completely recommend watching this movie. Bring your family. Its summer and this movie will be perfect if it’s followed by a run to Dairy Queen. Do not go into it with unrealistic, undeserving expectations. The film is essentially an original despite the “reboot” moniker I have aligned to it. I know it was 5 Dollar Tuesday but I would have gladly paid the full price for this one.

It’s Morphin Time! Power Rangers actors revealed

It’s Morphin Time! Power Rangers actors revealed


Naomi Scott


RJ Cyler


Dacre Montgomery


Ludi Lin


Becky G

Who’s super stoked and has two thumbs? This guy right here… Imagine I’m pointing at myself with two thumbs up.

I’ve been waiting for the Power Rangers movie reboot since the last Power Rangers movie. This is the type of movie I might need to watch alone so I can just enjoy the nostalgia in peace. For an hour an a half I will be pretending I’m 5 again.

When Bryan Cranston was announced as Zordon, I nearly pooped with excitement.


Bryan Cranston has been a gift to TV fans since Malcom in the Middle. It wasn’t until Breaking Bad that he got the appreciation he deserved but better late than never. And to have it revealed he will be the all mighty Zordon well that’s just gravy. Can’t wait to see a Bryan Cranston floating head directing teens to stop evil in Angel Grove. (did anyone else get chills reading that?)

Now to the Rangers…

Can’t say I’m not surprised at the movie studio’s choice to go as multi racial as possible. It’s like the United Nations of teen crime fighting. We got black, white, Asian, and whatever Becky G is…Latino… italian… I don’t know something ethnic.

Was kinda hoping the Rangers would be racist color coordinated like the 90’s… you know Black Ranger is Black and the Yellow Ranger is Asian. That’s funny, racist, but funny. As far as the actors go, I’ve never heard of them… except Becky G… she’s a singer or something.

And there’s gotta be cameos right? I’m expecting a Bulk and Skull scene for sure. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole original cast makes an appearance. I haven’t seen them in the news since well… Power Rangers, I can’t imagine they’re very busy these days.

The one dude I can count on being in the movie is Tommy, that goes without question… he’s been in about 4 other Power Ranger series outside of Mighty Morphin and Turbo, and that’s saying something, because anything after Turbo is a joke. I’m sure he blocked off a week of challenging CM Punk to fight in order to get some filming in.

But back to the movie, literally can’t wait. Fan made reboots have even been so exciting, I have a half chub just thinking about what a real movie studio with Bryan Cranston leading the way is gunna look like.

I doubt it will be anything like this web gem…

But my hopes are still high. I mean in the 90’s with no CG they managed to give us dope as shit Megazrods, Goldar, Ivan Oooze, and Lord Zed. Imagine how crazy they can get with special effects now. Lionsgate literally has the world in their hands with a great story, compelling characters, love interests, violence, etc…

I’m super curious as to whether they’re gunna have a Green Ranger, a White Ranger, both, or none at all. If I got to choose, I’d take a Green Ranger any day. Evil Tommy kept shit real.

Bottom line… Hollywood has me by the balls with this movie on the horizon and it better live up to my absurdly high expectations otherwise there’s gunna be a very angry blog in the works.

And now without further ado, it’s Morphin Time.

INTRODUCING — The New “Iron Man” from Marvel

INTRODUCING — The New “Iron Man” from Marvel

(excerpt from WIRED article)

Tony Stark is Iron Man – but not for much longer. The genius billionaire playboy philanthropist will be stepping aside as Marvel’s premiere armoured superhero in the wake of the currentCivil War II crossover.

In his place? Enter Riri Williams, a black 15-year old wünderkind who built her own suit of armour at MIT – before getting booted out.

There is a lot of shit going on recently in the news that suggests people in America lack the ability to completely remove the topic of race and gender from certain conversations. From the ghostbusters issue a few weeks back all the way to the Trump anti-semitic cryptic tweet, there have been numerous occasions where it would not be ridiculous to assume we were heading down a dark path.

And, to be honest, this is not much. Iron Man is not the peak of American superhero fandom, and without the casting it could have been a flop. The now mega-series is cornerstoned by the Robert Downey Jr. performances and action, not so much the screenplay and cinematography. Transitioning to another type of hero, one who fits a different mold and represents a different type of American, is not upsetting the actual narrative as much as it is just pivoting.

If there is backlash on the appointment of RiRi Williams as the next savior of Iron-World or whatever, it will be disguised as outrage over the nostalgia of a familiar face representing a Marvel franchise. Make no mistake about it, however, that this potentially could be racism or sexism finding another way to rear it’s ugly head. I, man who holds zero actual power in literally anything, particularly love the move from Marvel. This will lead to new light being shed on the type of hero’s that exist in our world. Isn’t that the point?

So, that’s already too many words. Here is your newest Iron Man hero: